Akiyama Fay

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"Surround them!" He yelled. "Slaughter them all!"

His soldiers instantly complied, circling around the last remaining foe. He walked forward, grinning smugly — he had won. All that stood between him and claiming victory over that battle was the four children before him.

As they looked up to him, terrified, his smirk grew. This would be easy.

They were most likely the same age as his own children. But he did not let that stop him — this was war, and war meant there was no time to weep over lost children.

The eldest, a boy of mere eight or nine — stared up at the military man before him. Never faltering, he stood in front of his siblings, protecting them. When he locked eyes with the older man they both knew the boy would not stand down — no matter what happened.

He hesitated, wrongfully so. The boy's eyes were strong, filled with compassion and love — filled with determination to protect his kin. Brown-haired and young, it was clear the boy was willing to die for his siblings.

He shook his hesitance and drew his sword. He raised the blade, preparing to strike down the children.

The boy closed his eyes — he had accepted his fate.

"No! Brother, you cannot!" Behind the eldest of the siblings, the youngest screamed out.

Then the middle child stepped forth. He didn't look much younger than the brave brunette, but there was doubt that they were even siblings — for he had frost coloured hair and sharp, crimson eyes. He reached out and clamped his hand over the youngest's mouth — nodding to his elder brother.

He had accepted his brother's sacrifice.

Yet, before either could act, a voice called out — "VALKAR!"

The military man froze at the sound of his name. Head snapped round, Valkar scowled at the sight that greeted him. The Head of an enemy clan holding a sword to a young girl's throat. Valkar would recognise her anywhere. Bright, almost sickeningly pink hair and those round, soft violet eyes. Pale skin and round face, it was his pride and joy, his youngest child — Akiyama Fay.

Spotting her father she lit up yet not in the way others would think. She wasn't relieved but rather amused — for it was all just a game to her. The blade at her throat did nothing to frighten her as she simply widened her trademark grin.


She even had the audacity to wave.

"Fay!" Valkar called out. While she wasn't afraid he definitely was. Frozen in his tracks he could only watched as the Senju Head pressed the blade closer to her neck.

He saw a drop of red roll down her neck but Fay paid it no mind, she didn't seem spooked at all.

"Hashirama! Tobirama! Kawarama! Itama!" Suddenly the Senju Head bellowed, addressing his four sons. 

They flinched, with Hashirama scowling at the sight of their father.

"Allowing yourself to be cornered? Pathetic!" He snapped at them. The youngest looked down in shame while the two elder brothers could only comfort the formers.

Valkar used this distraction to his advantage, even cracking a smile at how rusty his former rival had become.

"What?!" The Senju snarled at the smug expression on Valkar's face.

"Even after all this time... you're still as thick as ever, Butsuma." He said nothing else and instead pointed to his chest.

Butsuma looked down and found no child locked in his arms. He almost flinched as he felt his anger spike.


He had underestimated her. Sure, she was a child and looked harmless. But even his own sons could wield a sword — and the heiress to the Akiyama clan would be no different.

If it were anyone else he would simply sense for her location but he knew it would be pointless to try and search for a sensor-nin so he remained still, relying on his instinct. 

Butsuma's eyes sharpened. His hand shot out, charging his sword forward to collide with an oncoming attack. Looking up he saw the pink-haired girl above him, foot currently locked in a hold with his sword — the metal trembled.

He felt the ground beneath him crack as it struggled under the pressure, then he could hold his place no longer and was sent flying back. In almost second nature he flipped, landing soundlessly on the stone flooring.

It was humiliating to be overpowered by a child but there was nothing he could do. He wasn't born into a bloodline blessed with so many inhumane abilities — he wasn't an Uzumaki and he certainly wasn't an Uchiha.

When he looked up the girl was beside her father once born, grinning.

"Did ya see how far he flew?" She grinned. "Wow!" 

Valkar placed a hand on her head, giving Butsuma a knowing smirk. "Like her? She is my pride and joy."

Fay looked up and smiled. "Nice to meet cha'! I'm Fay!"

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