Can't Sleep?

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You huff, rolling over for the hundredth time that night. On the nightstand, in bright green number was the time, "1:23am".

You groan, pressing your face into your pillow in exhaustion. Sure, you were tired, but for some reason you just couldn't settle down and fall asleep.

You had tried everything, holding still with your eyes closed, taking deep breaths, you even tried counting sheep, but so far nothing had worked.

Defeated and tired you turn over to see Kuro asleep next to you. Like usual, he was hogging all the blankets and most of the pillows, curled up into a ball, his light blue hair slightly ruffled from his slight, occasional movements.

You couldn't help but envy the vampire who so easily fell asleep while you were wide awake.

You were woken from your thoughts when Kuro shifted in his sleep, mumbling gibberish and nuzzling his face into his pillow.

You giggle softly at his actions, wondering how one vampire could be so cute and frustrating at the same time.

Gently, you raise a hand to brush the strands of hair out of his face, being extra careful not to wake him.

Smiling to yourself, you pet his soft blue hair, memorizing every peaceful feature of his face.

You were a busy girl, juggling a job, school, and other activities you enjoyed, but no matter how crazy your life was, you could always come back home to Kuro.

Kuro had a way of making everything so simplistic between you two (probably because he hated difficult things).

Lost in thought you badly noticed the vampire's soft red eyes laze open to stare at you. 


You jump slightly, "S-sorry K-Kuro, I didn't mean to wake you I just-" you stammer, trying to read the boy's face before he cut you off.

"Can't sleep?" He asked bluntly, but you swore you head a bit of concern in his voice.

You nod sheepishly, casting a solemn glance at the clock.

Suddenly you felt Kuro wrap his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. He held you like you were a his teddy bear, nuzzling his face into your hair.

You let his warmth surround your body, his familiar scent filling your nose. Everything about the way he held you securely, but also loosely relaxed you. Kuro's presence relaxed you. Slowly you began to drift off into a much needed sleep.

"Goodnight, (y/n)" he mumbled, before drifting back to sleep himself.

A/N: im so sorry that these are so short >~< anyway, thank you everyone for all your support~! Because of you guys I'm continuing this book~ thank you for reading~!

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