Chapter 8~A Connection

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Sorry that last chapter was really long, comment if I should do long or short chapters. It would really help :)

Added note: If you have seen the movie the characters like Toni,Rudolph and more like Anna and Gregory they are 2-4 years older than their characters in the actual movie so if you've imaged them like in the movie, image them looking a little more older in this fan-fiction, thanks :)

Sarah's POV
Starting a different day in the same shitty way by feeling like crap but there's a thing that's doesn't happen often, there's a vampire in my closet. Toni already went to school since it was 11am and I think he tried to wake me up.. But I was mostly asleep to hear him. I sat up on the edge of my bed,stretched my arms and hunched over like a hyaena. Then I eventually got up, walked over to my closet, knocked then slid through the door. Rudolph already had the covers over his whole body but he was still sleeping. I decided to go into the kitchen and get whipped cream to have his stay here a little more fun.. I quickly ran upstairs, closed the closet door and started to open the whipped cream as I shook it I unfolded the blanket from his face. He does have an adorable face.. Why am I having weird feeling and thoughts about this LETS MOVE ON I'LL THINK LATER. I started swirling the whip cream on and he jumped up in fright like I was the one who was the vampire. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" As Rudolph said standing up "I wanted to make your stay here a little more adventurous than you are" as I said with a rebel smirk. Rudolph groaned and fell into the blankets like he got rejected by something which was kinda weird. "So when do you go out? Like when it's not sun" "well I go when it's dusk so 4-5" as he was talking to me I was picking out my outfit which wasn't hard for me. It's either clean pajamas or a t-shirt/sweatshirt and shorts/sweatpants. I went into the bathroom and since it was one of those lazy days, I changed into a Harry Potter sweatshirt with some shorts and unfortunately my contacts ran out so I have to wait until tomorrow to get new ones. Which meant I had to wear my glasses that are okay, they don't look amazing but they don't look like crap. After I went back in the closet to throw them in the hamper and I saw Rudolph smiling at me like I'm the most beautiful thing in the world which haha I'm not and never going to be. I went to my desk to do my makeup in when Rudolph popped up behind me because he asked if he could watch me so I let him, what's he gonna do in this closet for 5 hours? Since I'm not going out the house today I started with a light dab of concealer for my under eyes and my few acne spots, filled in my eyebrows, did my eyeliner which is always impossible then finally I put some mascara on. Rudolph was so concentrated on what I was doing, it was weird and cute at the same time. I put my hair in a messy bun like I always do and walked towards the closet door. "wait!" Said Rudolph "what are you doing?" "I have to do my online schooling like I have to 2-4 hours a day" "can you do it in here? It's going to be boring without you" he started smiling and looked like he would be blushing but he can't since his skin is ghost white. "Okay I will but I'm going to get myself some breakfast too, I'll be back in 10 minutes" I shut the door after then I went down stairs to see we had more food now thank god. I decided to make pancakes because why not? It's a chill day so I started making the pancakes, brewed my first coffee of the day "1 down 99 to go" I'm making Rudolph some pancakes too if he eats them because it's rude if you don't treat your guest like royalty. I got 2 plates and started piling 2 on mine and 3 on his because what if he's starving? I got out the syrups and butter on a tray with the pancakes and my coffee to head upstairs. I opened the door the least I could with the tray and my school supplies. I set them on the ground and made myself a blanket chair across Rudolph. "You must be a hungry girl this morning" said Rudolph " no I got you a plate, there's some syrups and butter if you want them" he looked shocked I got him food that's not alive. But I made him a plate since he didn't know how to do it. He reached his hand about to grab a square piece when I stopped him "you don't use your hands for this, you use a fork" as I demonstrated. He starting eating with the fork as I logged into the program. It first listed the classes I have to take and it was only English and social studies which were my best subjects then I was done for the day. After Rudolph finished his pancakes he looked intrigued "what are you doing on the apple?" "The apple?" I started laughing "I'm doing my school work on here like I said before" he asked if he could watch me then I said yes obviously. He sat next to me up against the closet wall and looked closely at the computer. After I finished my school which ends at 1:00pm and Toni gets out at 3:30 I wanted to give Rudolph some options on what he wants to do "do you want to watch a movie?" "What's a movie?" He looked really confused I felt bad. So I brought up Netflix and started playing Mean Girls because it's a classic movie every teenager should watch. We watched the whole movie and as it was about to end I started falling asleep and accidentally fell onto Rudolph's shoulder then his lap. This day was really nice with him, getting to know him as a being.

Rudolph's POV
I was sleeping soundly until I heard this noise and I realized it was Sarah spraying something in my face. I asked why did she do that then said said to make my stay more interesting.. We started to have a conversation when she was picking out what she was going to wear for today. When she was in the bathroom, I'm just starting to go around of a concept that she's a very beautiful being that's fragile but if I go to her soft and kind spots we will be fine. I don't know if I would date her now since the only priority is the amulet and father would kill me if he knew that I'm friends with mortals but if we do get it in time I might want to.. As she walked backed in I stared at her delicacy which was wonderful. She went over to a table with these tools and paint things that I didn't know about "can I watch you? This seems magnificent" she said I could. Does she do this everyday? Just putting paint on your face that needs skill,technique,time and patience? This is outstanding but kind of boring at the same time. After she was done she was walking out but she said she had to do school. I asked her if she can do it in here because I'll be lonely in here. She agreed and went to get her computer and something else probably because she said 10 minutes. She came back with her school things and a tray with food on it. like a lot of food.. She sat down and I made a joke because there where 2 plates of food on the tray. She said one plate was for me.. How sweet is that? A stranger that's a vampire just flew in last night and gives them food. That is true manners. But I didn't know how to prepare it or eat it so she made me a plate of circles with apparently called "syrup and butter" I reached my hand toward the plate but she stopped me and demonstrated how to eat them with a thing called a fork. It felt weird but I started eating it with her. When she logged into her apple I was interested so I asked if I could watch again but she started laughing when I said apple and that's what she called it before? I sat up with her on the wall and looked on the apple. After she was done she asked me what did I want to do but I don't know how to respond to that. She gave me suggestions that I've never heard about which she shouldn't be shocked about. I've been 15 for 300 years you'd think she had a clue. She had something on the apple that was intriguing so we look at it for awhile. Sarah started to fall asleep then fell on my shoulder to my lap. I didn't want to wake her so I sat there, wondering what will happen with our bond.

Toni's POV
I tried to wake Sarah up but she never does anyways. I was late to school and these 2 Scottish brats keep bullying me about my obsession with vampires. Today is a really long day today because the teacher was talking about a comet by the moon that's happening at the end of the week. I said I knew what it was be he got mad while everyone was laughing at me "I really saw it! It's been in my dreams ever since I've been here! The comet,the beam of light, the vampires and the vampire hunters" the teacher sent me to the hallway while the snobby boys kept laughing at me, I wish they could actually see Rudolph. As it was the end of the day I walked home, went into Sarah's room, opened her closet and I see that Sarah is laying on Rudolph's lap while he woke up because the sun was beaming in the room so I shut the door behind me. "What have you two been doing?" As I asked Rudolph "school and something on the apple" "the apple?" As I questioned him as he pointed to the computer. Gotta remember he's not in this generation. "Well I have homework to do but don't do anything to hurt my sister" I closed the door behind me as I sigh in tiredness, hoping he doesn't bite Sarah. I went to my room to do science then after I started drawing some of the things I saw in the dream.

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