Chapter 4: Running

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I was finally running again.

This morning Levi burst into my room and told me that we were going for a run. What I didn't know was if I was going to be running from him, or his giant ass wolf.

I couldn't help but love it. I hadn't felt this exhilarated in ages and the adrenaline that coursed through me, feeding the beast that licked its lips in anticipation of the feast, was so addictive.

My arms were pumping and my legs were carrying me a world away from here, through the trees. This morning when I woke up I still had a few scratches, but my leg felt more than fine. It felt great, as right as rain; only a fading pink scar was left as a reminder of that night.

The trees were almost alive today with electricity; wind with hints of winter blowing swiftly through them, rustling the branches that were starting to sprout new buds. They were tall, standing proudly amongst the forest floor that was still covered with their leaves; new grass was starting to grow in, peaking through the floor a sign of new life.

I kept going. Letting my instincts drive my direction. Levi said before that I wouldn't be able to make it off his land in one day, so I wasn't worried about getting too lost.

I slowed down a bit and let my body have a bit of a break. My breath was labored, but it was a labor that was welcome. It was a burn that something inside me was relishing; a feeling I had been denied for so long.

The forest was quiet this morning. I hadn't been really given time before, to explore. To admire the beauty around me. My lungs took a deep breath of the fresh crisp air, the air that was free of him; my husband, Marcus.

I was free of him and so many other chains that the potential of dying because of some awful bite seemed minimal in comparison.

I heard a crunch. It was far away yet my ears still picked it up.


Didn't matter. My break was over and it was time to run again.

I chuckled to myself. This game of cat and mouse was one that I would happily play all day. Whatever this thing was, this beast, inside of me, well it liked this game. It urged me to continue on. To zig-zag through the trees and leave false trails as I went. I was almost giddy when I thought of Levi's confusion, and so was this beast.

I slowed down to a jog. I didn't hear anything that seemed threatening and there didn't seem to be any reason for me to be worried, so I started walking.

I picked up a leaf and toyed with the ends, letting the brown flakes crumble in my fingers.

Another crunch.

He was onto me. Teasing me. Whatever this thing was, this thing in my head, it wanted me to tease him as well.

I picked up a steady pace, weaving through trees and making my way around in a big circle a few times before heading back towards the house. My body surprised me. After all these years of abuse, of dwindling down to a shell of the person I used to be, my body seemed to bounce back quicker than I could have ever imagined. Maybe it was the beast. Maybe it was my resolve. Either way, it was fantastic to feel so strong again.

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