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"Got dessert, too!" Happy announced giddily. He left to bring back a plate full of chocolate brownies.

"Brownies? Oh, looks so good, Haz." Louis picked up a brownie and began feeding it to Harry, wiping away a melted chocolate chip from Harry's lip with a finger.

It was times like these that Harry felt bad for lying to Louis. He was so cute and so innocent, always believing whatever lie Harry dished out to him next. When Louis asked how they had enough money to buy some of the things they did, Harry just told him it was because he had been getting raises at work for being an extra hard worker and that his boss seems to really like him. He couldn't tell him he was drug dealing. Louis would stop that pretty fast and would be worried about Harry getting hurt.

And that wouldn't be a needless worry. There was another opposing gang with Nick in the lead. Nick and his team were tough and merciless. They had been formed much longer than Harry and his boys and they weren't someone you should mess with. But they had something that Harry's gang envied.


They had much more business on their territory, making triple the amount of money than Harry's gang. Sometimes Harry's members did business on their enemy's grounds so they could intercept at the last moment. They were caught once by Nick and as they ran away for their life, Nick screamed out at them in the night, "I'm warning you! Stay away!"

That evening, while Harry and Louis slept, Harry got a phone call late in the night from Niall. What in the world was he doing calling him at such a late hour?

Harry groaned. "Hello?" he said, groggily.

"Harry! Oh my gosh, Harry!" Niall cried into the phone. He sounded panicked.

Harry looked at Louis who was still sleeping and quickly got out of bed and made his way downstairs so he could talk more freely. "Niall, what's wrong? Calm down," Harry said quietly, hoping he wouldn't wake up Louis.

"I did something so stupid Harry. So, so stupid. It's Nick."

Oh, no, what did he do now?

"What happened, Niall?" Harry asked, his voice rigid and more stern now.

"I went on Nick's grounds. I was sick and tired of not making enough sales, and word on the street was that there was a lot of business going down tonight over there, and I-I," Niall stopped, afraid of what Harry might say.

"You what, Niall? Did you go over there?" Harry almost shouted at the stupid boy.

"Yeah. I went down there and saw some guys and they were on their way to see Nick for some drugs, but I thought I'd beat him to it. Once I made it over there, I spotted Nick, and he was staring at me with an angry look in his eyes. I froze. I was so scared, so I ran away. And then I called you."

"You mean to tell me that Nick saw you there! Do you realize how much trouble we all are in now?"

Niall was silent, trembling, and almost in tears on the other end.

"Do you get that?" Harry shouted again in anger when Niall wasn't responding.

"Harry, I'm sorry. I know it was dumb of me, but I can't take it back. I don't know what to do," Niall said.

Harry could hear Niall's voice and how it was shaky and scared. He knew he was upset, and yelling at him wouldn't help things.

"Okay, just calm down. We can't fix what happened. Just lock your doors and we'll just hope he doesn't come after us. There's nothing we really can do except to not cross paths with them again," Harry said, trying hard to not let Niall hear his own voice shake.

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