10. Liquid Luck

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Vitesh's POV

The smoky trail back to my home didn't take a second to end. I dragged in a deep breath, nodded to Imran as he typed something up on his desktop and faded again into the air.

The facility Wei had set up for the afflicted Supernaturals bustled with activity and moans of pain. With the Lycan's massive collection of wealth and owned buildings, establishing this place had been a breeze. Walt had his very own room. I'd gone to school with him for a short time, not really friends but civil acquaintances for the first weeks of knowing him. He could make friends with even the most venomous of snakes.

I grimaced when my form thickened and swirled, feet touching down and hair falling in my eyes. Adam's misery spurred me to quicken my strides down the hall and towards Walt's spark. A few beds occupied by other shifters of similar afflictions needed changing and I grimaced as I slammed into a wall of misery and anxiety. Walt's pregnant mate still sobbed, his hair all over the place and eyes puffy.

Walt couldn't keep his eyes open for long, his own pain and guilt nearly choking me up. "Verun. Catch," I called and the bottle in my hand soared out and landed in his lap.

Verun blinked owlishly up to me and I nodded to my bottle in his shaking hands. "Make a wish."

"What?" He croaked. His huge belly wobbled a little as he touched it with his free hand.

"You know how my kind work. As I am not so closely chained to my bottle now, there is only one wish to whosoever holds it. Disney's Alladin rules apply," I told him and nodded to his mate barely lucid.

"Wish?" He echoed and his tears stifled as he frowned at his bed-ridden mate. "I wish... that this poison... whoever it infected is rendered useless and evaporated from their system. Leaving them healthy and as they were before the poison got to them," Verun got out around his thick throat. He still shook in panic, watching without breathing as his mate slowly grimaced, sobbed and his body flew up until Walt was sitting and panting. Suddenly alert, the Lycan snarled and bared his teeth.

"Ver? Where am I? What the hell happened?!" Walt shouted, eyes widening as he saw his mate sobbing, this time in relief. "Oh my gods, what happened?"

Gathering his pregnant mate up into his arms, Walt rocked him back and forth, murmuring soft reassurances.

"Y-you could've died!" Verun sobbed, head burrowed in against Walt's neck. "The poison may have been cured but it crippled... your..."

"He's all better now," I assured, smiling. Walt raised his brows. "A wish."

I summoned the bottle back to my hand and waved my fingers. A tray appeared over their bed with rice dishes and some meat sandwiches. "Free of charge."

"We still have to look into the poison, but you definitely reduced the casualties," Wei noted from the doorway. "The Lycan Elders are looking into this as we speak. There have been similar attacks all throughout Western Asia and Russia this month. Even Europe. No cure yet and it was isolated incidents until that hunter turned up with his head torn off. There was never a perpetrator caught before and they examined the corpse. The hunter reeked of Death magic underneath the... residue your wolf left."

"Anything else in the reports? A guess at the origin of the poison?"

The Lycan brushed a hand over his rumpled button up. "Blood. It is a blood type that has mutated and somehow targeted Lycans specifically. Something about the moon," Wei frowned. "Let's have the doctors see to Walt while we talk. I'm due for a strong coffee."

"Lead the way, old friend," I gestured and threw a smile over to the happy couple. "Adam is taken care of by the kids and Lady on alert. Even the herd of unicorns surround the house so your family is safe. Rest up, hmm?"

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