Chapter 6: The First Secret

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"Did you know that this is the daughter of Prince Evidizan Silverheart?"

"So, what's this about me being the daughter of some prince?" Rhiassa cried out as she stared at everyone. She never gave much thought about her father; she certainly didn't expect to end up in a school where someone knew about her past, let alone who she really was. (It wasn't to say that she often wondered about who her father was and why he was never around when she was growing up.) "Can someone explain this to me?"

Dlav said, "Well, many years before, Prince Evidizan was sent to the Earth cities by his father, King Hoxarret Silverheart..."

"Wait," said Nevyn. "Since when did Ostlea have a king?"

"Please don't interrupt," said Yictocy. "Now, King Hoxarret made the decision he would have his firstborn son and heir tour the Earth cities..."

"Why would he want his son to go to the Earth cities?" Nevyn asked again.

Salvatore raised an eyebrow and Yictocy continued, "Evidizan went to many cities to survey the land, as Hox wished to conquer some Earth cities and expand his empire. This happened almost 20 years ago. However, during one of his missions, he came across a young human woman. We don't know her name or the city she lived in, but we did know that she had met him. After a short stay, he left that city, taking her with him. They traveled together for several years."

"So what happened between them?" Rhiassa cried out.

"We don't know," said Yictocy, "but according to one of his servants, they had traveled together, observing many of the various Earth cities and getting details from many people. Also, Prince Evidizan had taught her magic, which she used to protect herself and extract information from many human minds. That wasn't the worst of it."

"What else happened?" asked Nevyn surprisingly.

Yictocy looked down as she stared at Rhiassa. A prolonged silent moment passed before she said, "The woman fell in love with Prince Evidizan, as these things have a tendency to occur. Prince Evidizan did not return her affections, but he did enjoy tormenting her and using her to get details on his enemies. In that way, he had a devoted slave who could not escape from him regardless of whatever he did.

"One day, something impossible happened: the woman was pregnant with the Prince's child. He was nothing if but a very brilliant man. He took her away to his castle, where she gave birth to a son. The son went with them as they traversed the human world. When the woman became pregnant again, she didn't wait for the Prince to find out. She fled back to her hometown and no one had seen her since."

Salvatore then said, "No one knew what happened to her. Although the King had his Orc guards search the entire human world for her, not even he could locate her. She had covered her paths far too well. Several years passed since her disappearance and I was asked to work for the King. I was outside in the back gardens when I happened to find her wandering around. She looked a few years older than when she had last been seen in Ostlea and she was very upset. I immediately took her back to Prince Evidizan's castle, where she died within a fortnight of her arrival here."

"So what happened to the son?" asked Nevyn.

"No one knew what became of him," said Dlav. "In reality, no one even knew his name. All I know is that he lives in another part of the King's palace with servants, nurses, and teachers, as the Prince refused to let him out of the castle. He visits his son once a month."

"So no one happened to find the other child?" Rhiassa asked.

"No one knew about the child; despite the King's enormous reward in case someone found her, no one was able to find her," said Salvatore. "Not until you showed up, of course."

"So I could be the Prince's missing child?" Rhiassa cried out.

"We don't know," said Salvatore, "yet, the school has brought you here for some purpose."

"Because I might be royalty?" said Elva.

"You're getting too far ahead of yourself," said Yictocy. "Before you can make any big decisions, you must first understand about the history of the school as well as the world you are now living in."

She then said to Salvatore, "Leave them here with me and do escort young Dlav back to his class. I'm sure Brother Courgette is wondering where the boy went."

Salvatore looked down as he tore Dlav away from Nevyn and Rhiassa. Dlav said, "Why can't I stay with them?"

"You already know the school's history," said Salvatore, "albeit you asking Yictocy to repeat what she had said over 1,000 times during your first seven days here."

"Still, I can describe it to them," said Dlav.

"No, you can't," said Salvatore. "They must understand the school's history for themselves. That is the law, Dlav. You can't disobey this one."

As Salvatore and Dlav walked away, Rhiassa turned to Yictocy and said, "I wonder if the school somehow realized who I was and brought me here."

"It could be that," said Yictocy. "Still, I believe it's time to briefly ignore about what you have recently discovered and get ready to learn about the history of the school. You have one week until Brother Skefan asks you about what you have learned. A rumor is a rumor until it is confirmed real or bogus, and I can't let you spend time chasing after rumors while you should be learning. Now come with me, you two."

Yictocy led Rhiassa and Nevyn into her room. It's a cramped room, but quite dim. The floor is plain wood, painted dark green and accented with a springtime green rug that fits the huge room. The walls are hidden completely by floor to ceiling bookshelves. Several chairs and tables were scattered around the room, and several of those tables were littered with junk.

Yictocy pointed to a couch that sat in one corner of the room and made Rhiassa and Nevyn sit down. She then went to one of the bookshelves and pulled out a book. The book was six and a half inches long, six and a half inches wide, and two inches thick. It is bound in dusty red canvas. The cover is decorated with floral ornaments, and it contained many black and white illustrations.

"What book is that?" said Rhiassa as she stared at it.

"This book is known as "The History of Greywyn Academy" published by the monk Weallath Bendon over 2,000 years ago," said Yictocy. "At the book's first writing, King Aeon Earthchaser decreed that the oldest kid of every family residing in Ostlea was to be sent to Greywyn. Thus, we have had children from many places in the kingdom here, be they elves or whatnot. Humans didn't come until later, some 500 years after the death of Garbur Greywyn, who slew the evil witch Lucrezia Grendel and built the school over her hovel."

She passed the book to the kids and said, "Now, I cannot be bothered with any further questions, as I have to prepare for a class. Brother Ararenus will arrive shortly to give you your second tour of the school. He may be young, but you must respect him, listen to him, and do whatever he says."

Yictocy left the room and a young man walked in. He had almond-shaped yellow-colored eyes, lengthy, wavy orange hair, and orange fur. He has a feminine build. His tufted ears are perky and pointed, and his tail is long, thick, and brushlike. He usually wears an elaborate gothic costume. Always thinking, a lot seems to be going on in his head.

Rhiassa gasped as she turned to look at the young man. Nevyn said to her, "Are you all right?"

Rhiassa said, "I had no idea that cat-people actually existed. To me, they were just fairy tales."

"I'm no fairy tale, if that's what you're thinking about," said Ararenus. Looking at them, he said, "So I have Rhiassa Twilight and Nevyn Meler with me. You are both humans who were brought here. Very well then. While you're learning about the history of the school, I was instructed to give you a tour of the school. Shall we be going?"

Rhiassa looked down as she put the book into her bag and followed Nevyn and Ararenus out the door. She was sure that rumors of her strange origins were circulating around the school by now...

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