Chapter 31 {Thinking}

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(Yeah I made a drawing that I thought up of while writing. Ye. (_) )

Aphmau's POV
I dart away from Max giggling at his attempts to steal my Mithross drawings "Get back here Aphmau!" Shouts Max "NEVER!" I scream back "Guys just stop already, and Max even if you rip the sketches apart she will just make new ones!" Says Jin "Yeah!" I shout "Fine..." Pouts Max sitting next to Ross on the couch.
I sit next to Jin on the floor and see Mitch put his ring that makes him a Wind holder back on "Aren't you going to put back on your necklace?" Asks Ross "It wasn't mine, I should have never put it on." Says Mitch "Well who was suppose to have it?" Asks Max "I think you Max." Says Jin "Wait why Max?!?" Asks Sky "Yeah why me?!?" Asks Max.
"Well Max seems to be the only one to overcome the entity easily." Says Jin "Yeah and you're like how Cory was at first, he refused to take off his mask and you refuse to take off your shirt." Says Shelby "What happened to you during that one month of being kidnapped Max?" Asks Ross.
Max sighs, turns around and lifts his shirt up, revealing his back to show a huge scar across it. The second he hears everyone gasp he puts his shirt down and turns back around "Now you see..." He mutters "I'm so sorry that happened to you Max!" Says Shelby "I-it's okay, l-let's just n-not talk about I-it." Stutters Max.
"Okay so then why was Max not chosen to be the Death holder?" Asks Red "Probably because I gave him the Electric powers." Says Mitch "Yeah and if you already have a power you won't get another!" Says Sky "So it chose Cory who was the next best suitable!" I say.
Cory sighs and looks down "Hey man I was only able to stop it because you were being controlled, if I was controlled I wouldn't be able to do well by myself." Says Max.
"Oh crap!" Interjects Mitch "What?" Asks Red "You know how me and Jerome are really close?" Asks Mitch "Yeah?" Says Red "Well he'll probably be here tomorrow to find me, and he will LITERALLY KILL to get me back!" Says Mitch "Oooh that's bad..." Says Ross "Yeah and he'll come with Quentin, Remi, Tiffany, and Raven!" Says Mitch "Well I can take Remi since I can see through her illusions, Red would be good against Tiffany since she uses Plants, and Max for Raven since she raises the dead and Max can move super fast, he would be able to take them all out and tire Raven." I say.
"Geez how do you think this fast?" Asks Sky "I got talent?" I say with a questionable tone "I'll take Jerome because he won't be willing to kill me." Says Mitch.

Jin's POV
"How will we knock them out?" I ask "Well I knocked Mitch out twice already maybe I can knock the others out when they aren't paying attention to me." Says Cory shrugging "Yeah you can shadow travel to knock them out and I could use my speed to get around them!" Says Max "I might be able to get them stuck in a hole temporarily." Says Ross "That would be awesome!" Says Sky "So it sounds like we got this!" Says Red throwing his arms in the air "Ye-AH!" Shouts Sky jumping up in the air and hitting the ceiling "You gonna come down?" I ask "Nah I'm fine up here!" Says Sky floating around above us "Oh sweet you've learned how to fly!" Says Mitch flying up much more gracefully than Sky and also crash free "No this is the first time but it's so cool!" Says Sky moving around in a very jerky fashion.
Mitch gently lands in the ground and Sky attempts to. He trips over his own foot and face plants right in front of me "You okay man?" I ask offering a hand. Sky accepts and says "Yeah, I've had worse happen." "Remember when you first flew Mitch?" Asks Red "Oh yeah, I landed face first in the ground!" Says Mitch laughing "Yeah it took you a while to learn how to land!" Says Red laughing.
"Hey I'm going to bed." Says Max "Yeah me too." Continues Cory "Oh okay, night!" Says Sky. They both wave and walk upstairs.
"I'm checking on Max." Says Ross "I'm going to make sure Cory's okay." Says Shelby as she and Ross walk up the stairs.

Shelby's POV
I walk up to Cory's room and enter. "Ever heard of knocking?" Asks Cory laying down on his bed, facing the wall "Sorry." I reply sitting on the bed "So what do you want?" Asks Cory "I want to know what happened." I say firmly.
Cory turns over to look at me "You know how I was kidnapped." Says Cory "Yeah." I answer "Well the entity used that and made me go through the pain again..." Says Cory putting his hand over his left eye "Oh..." I say "It also had these strings tied to me, I was basically a puppet at his command and you know it made me think, how much have I actually done on my own accord and not just me being controlled by it." Says Cory looking at his hands.
"Well look now you've defeated it!" I say "But is it gone for good?" Asks Cory "Even if it does come back you could take it." I say playfully punching his shoulder.
"I'm getting tired." I yawn "Then sleep." Says Cory "Okay!" I say crawling under the covers. I see Cory start to blush before signing and turning away from me "Night..." He mumbles "Good night Cory." I respond.

Ross's POV
I walk into Max's room. "Try knocking next time." Growls Max "What happened." I say in a serious voice. This catches Max attention and he stares at me and let's out a sigh "A lot of things happened..." He whispers sitting up on his bed.
I sit down next to him "Would you like to explain?" I ask "The m-month I was k-kidnapped is the worst m-memory of my l-life and I had t-to relive I-it in that damned place!" Says Max "It's okay, it's over." I say hugging Max, who is trying to hold back tears and failing.
Max was always a silent crier, the tears would flow but not a single whimper to be heard.
"What else?" I ask "Well the thing used Shelby to try to trick us and even though I know it was a ruse it still got to me when I didn't go to help her, and even worse when I stopped Cory." Says Max "Well the real Shelby is here and she's fine." I say "I know but it still messes with me you know?" Responds Max "I know." I answer.
"I'm sleeping in here again." I say "Why?" Asks Max "Mono-phobia." I answer "That's a lie." Says Max "To bad I'm still here." I say crawling under the covers "Fine... Night Ross." Says Max "Night Max." I reply.

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