The couch sank with the weight of a second body. Harry guided me to sit beside him, his eyelids heavy from the toxicity of all the smoke and alcohol. They were clearly striving to keep open. Danger was written all over this situation and I needed to get away.

"I can't stop thinking about you... in the dress. The black one. Beautiful." The words tumbled from his mouth as his fingers reached up to touch my hair.

"Would you wear it again? For me?" He said sluggishly. When I didn't reply, Harry shifted himself closer to me. "Please talk to me, Lia." He breathed into my ear and an arm blanketed my shoulders. I was tugged closer to him, the space between us disappearing. Harry's lips grazed the region below my ears, the contact rendering me scared and excited at the same time.

"You've had a lot to drink." I finally said. "I should go."

"You're staying here." He asserted. "And I want to see those eyes. Those pretty eyes." He lifted my chin and turned me to face him.

Harry dropped his hand down to my lap and gradually drew circles on it with his fingers, causing me to flinch. He had never touched me this way before. My focus was averted from it when he pressed his lips to my cheek. Then he kissed the corner of my lips and I found myself scratching the tips of my fingers as a fire ignited in me.

I shut my eyes as my resistance wore away. I slowly turned my head toward him, allowing him to kiss me properly. I felt him smile against my lips before he dipped. Every prediction I made of rational sense vanishing was proved right. His hand tightened on my thigh and I felt adrenaline pulse through my entire system. I remembered the first time Harry had kissed me, he was drunk then too.

Our breaths came and went faster as the kiss deepened. All I cared about now was being as close to Harry as possible, nothing else came to mind. Suddenly, this was all that mattered to me. He slid his hand up to my waist, guiding me to lay below him. Then I was introduced to something foreign. I felt his tongue touch mine in a series of odd movements.

I wasn't sure what to make of this but it elevated me to a new level of excitement. My stomach tied itself in knots in response to the strange sensation. My hands found a place in his hair and stroked the curls as I longed for more of the amazing feeling he was giving me.

But Harry was losing his pace, his lips gradually becoming inactive. And within a mere minute, he had his head rested on my chest and the weight of his body had been propped on mine. He had fallen asleep. I knew he couldn't stay awake for long.

I pushed myself out, careful not to wake him. I slid a pillow under his head before stepping away from the couch, my body still jittery from what had just happened. I watched him as reasoning rushed in quick to scold me for what I'd just done. Harry was intoxicated and I let him do this to me. He wouldn't remember a thing in the morning.

My fingers were still twitching as I ran them through my hair in distress. I knew this would happen. I knew I'd drown myself in regret and guilt afterwards but I did it anyway. And I felt dirty. This wasn't me. Thalia wouldn't let a guy touch her this way. Harry made me question who I was as a person.

Everything I thought I knew about myself... wasn't exactly real. The image I had of myself was whom my parents direly struggled to mould me to become, whom they dedicated their lives to turn me into. And had I just thrown that away?

Harry's face was burning as it secreted droplets of sweat. He looked so uncomfortable yet he was sound asleep. I wondered what had driven him to drink this much tonight. I couldn't help myself, I made my way to the kitchen and retrieved a wet cloth. I ambled back to the living room with it and knelt down near the couch. I pushed Harry's damp hair back and blushed at how handsome he was even in this scruffy state.

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