The Fallout - 11 | iii

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Marx met Anabella out front. She was already in the car, Xavier in the driver's seat.

"Who else is coming?" Marx asked when he got into the back seat.

"Penny is following behind us," Anabella said.

"And?" Marx prompted.

"Ichiro and Garrick went ahead of us," Anabella said. "Get a lay of the place. We have two teams on standby in the tunnels. Things go sideways we—as they say—light them up."

"Coms are in the case on the back seat," Xavier said. "Put them in."

Marx took a com for himself tucking it into his ears as he handed Anabella the box to retrieve the second. "I guess Philippe designed the courthouse."

Xavier was the one to answer. "Renovations four years ago. Infill points are in the basement. Ichiro and Garrick will take out enemy combatants on the street."

"All we needed was Penny," Anabella started. She put her com into her ear. "To the humans, she looks harmless; she could be our Trojan horse if things don't go as planned."

"Watchtower?" Anabella said.

"We read you loud and clear."

Shea's voice was the one to answer. When Anabella was not around, Shea was overwatch. When they got to the meet location, the Supreme Court House, an army greeted them.

Moving forward in his seat Marx asked of Anabella. "Still think we can take them?"

"We have eyes on the location. All teams are in position. If they so much as sneeze the wrong way—"

"We did not come here to fight," Marx said to Shea more than the others who could hear him.

"They came strapped for a fight," Garrick's voice said through the intercom. His comment was less than helpful. Marx rolled his eyes. "More than a dozen men," Garrick continued.

"They have snipers as well," Ichiro said. "I have their positions."

Ichiro's reflexes with a gun were master class when he was human. As a werewolf, they were—Marx did not have a word. What was higher than a master class?

Marx, Anabella, and Xavier came out of the car parked right in front of the courthouse. Penny jumped from a nearby building walking across the road to them.

"Our odds look great," Anabella said.

The courthouse was just outside of Salvay's slice of Pentorium. Inside, more men greeted them. More soldiers armed to the teeth. At a security post, they were told to stop. Several men came forward to search them. Penny's throaty growl of disapproval had every gun, more than a dozen, by Marx's count, pointed at them. Ready for a fight Penny stepped forward, Marx stopped her. Their eyes met and held. He was able to see her true form, the obsidian pools of her eyes. Penny was a wildcard. Her creation was still a mystery. She, however, had accepted him as her alpha. Penny stepped back to her previous position. Just to the left of Marx, three steps back. The best position for her to have his back.

"Gentlemen." Through the ranks of the men, their commanding officer came forward. "What seems to be the problem?" he asked of Marx and the others.

"You have more than a dozen men pointing guns at us and half of the army reserve outside," Anabella noted.

"These are perilous times," the commander said.

"Indeed," Marx said. He noted the positions of all the men. Out of the four in his group, he was probably the only one assessing the situation to neutralize the soldiers without causing death or maiming.

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