The Fallout - 11 | ii

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Marx was in a precarious position. He knew it and was doing all he could to mollify the situation. His rank was not immune from possible decent. Members of his pack were questioning their roles as saviors. More than all of the factions involved werewolves had the least numbers. Some might add the most to lose. Though he was alpha, Marx was not in the business of forcing anyone to become a martyr for a cause they did not believe in. Push comes to shove Marx would stand on his own before he became anything like Sven. Sven, the name came with questions no one had the answers for.

Marx forced himself to focus on the now. On one problem at a time. "The rest of your family is safe in the Mountains. Philippe added extra security precautions."

Vescovi thumped the layered glass. It shook, but it did not break. "And you think that is a comfort to me?"

"I promised you that I would find your family and keep them safe—I did, and I am," Marx said. "I also said that I would keep you up to date with all that is happening, and that is what I came here to do."

Marx relayed all the new information he received since his last visit three days before. Vescovi stood a blank mask on his face as he listened to the information that Martha and Philippe disclosed in the meeting. Marx did not think the man's eyes could go any colder—they did. Like twin glaciers, Vescovi's eyes sent a shiver down Marx's spine. In the back of his mind, Marx questioned how long the cell was going to hold Vescovi.

"And how do you see this playing out? How many do you think will accept and take this—cure?" Vescovi said. "Taking it will severe the only link we have left to our true home. A link to a better time. Being of this Earth, you may not understand but for those native to Lansguard—" Vescovi shook his head. "That is a sacrifice of great magnitude."

Marx may not have come from Lansguard, but that did not mean he didn't understand the difficulty of such a decision. "It was suggested that we not make it a choice."

Vescovi raised an eyebrow. "Infect them with something else against their knowledge and consent?" Vescovi asked. "Why do that sound so familiar? Can't see why there would be riots after that."

"It's not an ideal solution—"

Vescovi cut him off with a mirthless laugh. "Ideal? Is that what you're looking for in all this? Ideal went through the window a long time ago. Along with rational negotiations and a chance at peace. Those cowards see us as threats. I doubt very much that they ever stopped to consider that my kind helped to shape the world into what it is today. We didn't try to subjugate; we integrated with them. Shared our knowledge, our resources. We treated them as equals and this—this is how they repay us?

"Werewolves and vampires have lost their lives in the name of protecting their sorry sacks, and they turned on us like rabid dogs. They never even entertained the thought of affording us the minutest shadow of a doubt. We tried to speak to them, and they shut us out. Condemning us without a second thought."

Marx sighed. "We knew the humans would turn on us."

"They killed my son," Vescovi said between clenched teeth. "My Jason. Family comes before all. My loyalty lies with my family before all else."

"Even your people?" Marx asked.

"My people are part of my family. I have protected them for centuries." Vescovi hit his fists against the glass that separated the men. "Not a drop more of vampire blood should be spilled for anything more than protecting this family."

Marx's pocket started to ring. Taking the phone from his pocket, he answered it. When he hung up, he said, "The President wants to talk."

Vescovi smirked. He walked over to his cot, plopping down on his bed before going horizontal. "Good luck with that. Let me know when you get tired of chasing your tail," Vescovi said. "You know where to find me."

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Author's Note:

Looks like this business is leaving a bad taste in everybody's mouth >.>

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