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Sakura's P.O.V

It was early in the morning around 8am and I was awake because I usually go to the Hokage Tower at this time for some work that is given to me. As usual I followed my routine and ate breakfast and got ready to head out to the Hokage tower.

It was already sunny out in the village and there was a strong wind blowing making me breathe in the fresh air surrounding me. I followed the dusty road as always to the tower in thoughts.

I appeared at the doorway and  knocked before entering. I walked inside to only see lady Tsunade at her desk, sat on her chair with her arms resting on the hard wooden desk. Shizune one of her loyal assitant and traveler stood beside her the with her piglet named Tonton.

"Sakura glad you made it, you dont mind if we wait for the others to come by do you?" she asked staring at me for an answer.

I didn't know that she was waiting for other people to arrive and who ever they are better hurry? I thought she only needed me to come by but she never said anything about anyone else joining did she? I thought she only needed me?

I didn't ask any questions and stayed silent waiting for the others, whoever they are to come. Not long to wait there was a sudden knock on the door making me jump from my spot as I was spaced out.

"Come in," said lady Tsunade turning her attention to the door. The door swung wide open revealing Naruto, Sasuke, Sai, and Kakashi Sensei.


"Since you're all here, lets discuss about this mission that I will assign to you all as Team 7," she smiled at us pulling out some paper.

How dare she do this behind my back. There is no way in hell that I would do a mission with this duck head little emo wannabe. I dont trust him enough  to even go on a mission with him. What if he is planning on killing me?? Then again I wouldn't be surprised at all if did try to.

"WE"RE GOING ON A MISSION FINALLY DATTEBAYO! ITS BEEN SO LONG SINCE I'VE BEEN ON ONE ALRIGHT!" Naruto yelled making me squint my eyes and cover my ears at hid loudness. Does he not have a mute button by any chance?

"SHUT UP NARUTO WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT SCREAMING IN MY OFFICE!  THE NEXT TIME YOU YELL I'LL MAKE SURE THAT YOU NEVER WILL GO ON A MISSION FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!" Yelled lady Tsunade at the boy who held fear in his eyes, and his face paled cowering behind sasuke, "Y-yess ma'am."

"Thats more like it," she smiled, "Alright as I was saying the Akatsuki has been Revived somehow. I dont know who did this or how it happened but rumor has it that the Akatsuki are back and alive so for this mission I want you to go spy on the Akatsuki and get as much information as you can on them especially their plans now that they are back.

-Here is the scroll containing all the information about this mission and location where they were spotted. Please be careful Team 7, I know that Its only been awhile having Sasuke back and it's something to adjust to but don't fail this mission we are counting on you. Any questions?"

"I do, how long is the mission baa-chan?" Naruto asked.

"You have at least six days maybe a  week Im not sure it depends how much you are succesful at gathering information. Anything else?"

"When does the mission start" I asked so that I can schedule my timing.

"Tomorrow," She responded.

Everyone else stayed silent for a couple of seconds giving a chance to those who would like to ask a question but no one spoke.

"Great you're dismissed be ready tomorrow."

As soon as she dismissed us, I was the first one to quickly leave the room ready to head straight home but unfortunately Ino and Karin stood in my way.

"Hey get out of my way forhead," Ino said giving me a glare. Whats up with her today? Someone on her period?

"You're blocking the door with that big forhead of yours," Karin butted in. Tch my forehead is not that big! I rolled my eyes at Karin not interested at what she just said and ignored her presence.

Ino being impatient shoved me out of the way, while Karin gave me one of her ugliest glares. Whats up with 4 eyes? Jeez is she really grumpy today?

"Whats your problem!" I asked clearly upset at being shoved when I haven't done a thing wrong yet.

"You're annoying!" Was all she said and walked into the office. Karin stuck her tongue at me and followed Ino inside. That's childish of her.

Does she have a problem with me? Did I do something wrong because I swear I have not said a thing to her. She is the one avoiding me so I should be the one to be upset not her. And that Karin girl just follows her like a lost puppy. What an anoying brat she is. Thinks she cool and all because she likes Sasuke. Sorry not like LOVES Sasuke that Traitor. She sure has some kind of weird interest in men.

Whatever problem she has with me she should just say to my face. I have none with he but if she has something against me now there is a problem between her and I.

"You know what how about both of you shut your big loud mouths and get out of my way. You're wasting much of my precious time and I don't apreciate that. As a mature person I will be the better person and ignore you who basically is wanting attention so please do me a fucking favor and move!" Wow that felt so much better saying it out loud.

"Your annoying as always," Sasuke daid appearing from behind.

"Look here Sasuke I didn't ask for your fucking opinion," I stated with attitude.

"You're annoying" he repeated again in a calm voice.

"Yeah and you're irrelevant so what," I said back at him.


"No words huh that's what I thought."


"Who do you think you are calling me piece of shit when obviously you're the piece of shit," I said to karin


"You asked for this," I said to her and puched her in the face. Her body flew crashing against the wall with a huge dent on it. Everyone in konoha 11 looked at me in shock and ran towards Karin who was laying there unconsious.

"Thats a warning to all of you if you ever mess with me except for you hinata," I said with a last look and left the area to go home.

Minutes later I got home, I packed my things for tomorrow because I knew I would forget about it later if I dont do it know. All  I packed were my shuriken, kunai's, paper bombs, and some of my medical supplies. Later I have to prepare some lunch for tomorrow if I get hungry.

When will things get better for me?

To be continued.......


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