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luke 😇💘: when hippos are upset, their sweat turn red omg did you know that

mikel: no, i did not know that lucas

luke 😇💘: my name's not lucas gordon

mikel: i stg if you call me gordon one more time

luke 😇💘: what are u gonna punish me, daddy? 

mikel: stop im already hard

luke 😇💘: wtF IT WAS JUST A JOKE

luke 😇💘: im so

luke 😇💘: i hate you

mikel: you won't tell me that after tonight (;

luke 😇💘: i sincerely hate you

mikel: you're mean ):

luke 😇💘: fine i love you

mikel: i knew it

mikel: anyways, what mood are you in?

luke 😇💘: why?

mikel: well u changed the emojis in your name so...

luke 😇💘: o

luke 😇💘: idk it's kinda weird

luke 😇💘: since we're like y'know, best friends?

mikel: just tell me luke

luke 😇💘: ok 

luke 😇💘: i really like someone

mikel: oooo whooo

mikel: telllll meee

luke 😇💘: no

mikel: but i'm your best friends you even said so yourself

luke 😇💘: no i'll tell you soon, but not now

mikel: fine, fine

luke 😇💘: lol isn't it weird how we're best friends, but i still never talked to you yet

mikel: i mean we can...

mikel: i just choose not to

luke 😇💘: when are you ever gonna talk to me at school :(

mikel: do you want me to?

luke 😇💘: yes

luke 😇💘: i really want you to

luke 😇💘: i bet you have this angeletic voice

luke 😇💘: and i bet you're hella shy around new people

mikel: yeah yeah whatever, we'll talk about this tomorrow

mikel: gtg !

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