18: Ugly Baby

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It was a rainy Monday night in March, when a pregnant woman staggered into the hospital's emergency room. She had fallen down the stairs at her home. The poor woman was in great pain and her condition was very serious. She was bleeding internally and the doctors had to operate immediately.

The woman knew she was dying, but she wanted to save her child. The doctors had to perform a cesarean section. As the poor mother died on the operating table, they cut her stomach open. When the surgeon reached in and took out the baby, he discovered that it was dead too.

It was the most ugly baby he had ever seen. Its skin was a sickly greyish-purple and its head was mishapen and deformed. The baby's face was hideously shriveled and wrinkled, like an old man.

A nurse quickly took the child and brought it into another room, where she placed it in a crib. The baby was so ugly that all of the nurses in the hospital nurses could not stop talking about how horrible it was. They each took a few minutes to go into the room and see it for themselves.

Two nurses went in together to view the grotesque and malformed baby. As they stared down at it, the nurses were overcome by a sense of revulsion. They couldn't bear to look at it.

"My God," said one nurse. "It's so... UGLY!"

"It's better that it didn't survive," said the other.

Suddenly, the ugly baby's eyes flickered open and it's mouth began to move. From deep within its throat a low glutteral moan escaped.

In a hoarse voice that filled them with terror, it said, "I may be ugly, but more ugly still is what will happen to both of you on Thursday at 3PM."

With that, the baby closed its eyes and lay still. The two nurses came running out of the room. They were screaming and crying hysterically. Their colleagues had to give them medication to help calm them down.

When they were able to recount what had happened, nobody would believe them. One doctor examined the child again, checking its vital signs. He confirmed that the ugly baby had been dead when it came out of its mother's stomach.

The two nurses were shaking and trembling. They spent two days off sick from work with their nerves. The hospital psychiatrist tried to tell them that it must have been their imagination. A collective psychosis, he said.

The next day, the two nurses returned to work. Hours later, they died in a freak accident. A gas storage tank blew up and both of them were killed in the explosion.

The accident occurred on a Thursday at three o'clock in the afternoon, just as the ugly baby had predicted.

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