Chapter 1/1

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*The girl in the picture is McKenna*

Kaytons pov

I was in the middle of cooking lunch when my phone went off, meaning I had a text.I picked up the phone and the text was from Liam , the second member I was close to.

Hey we're back from tour come over to Harry's flat

Okay I'll be over in a few minutes

I was so excited to see that the boys were back I haven't seen them in six months.I was most excited to see Harry.I have been in love with him for the past three years and he has know clue.but I finally made a decision to tell him today.I grabbed my purse and car keys and headed over to Harry's flat. I arrived ten minutes later. I walked into the living room and everyone shouted a hey to me but what I seen in front of me broke my heart. There was a girl with Black hair sitting on Harry's lap she was pretty.

"Hey, Kay, so nice to see you again." He says, getting off the couch to give me a hug.

"I missed you to Harry." I said, trying not to cry.

"Oh there is someone i want you to meet." Harry says happily.

"Kayton, this is my girlfriend McKenna, mcKenna this is Kayton, my best friend." He said, and that hurt when he just said best friend.

"Hi I've heard so much about you, it's lovely too meet you." She says bringing me into a hug.

Dammit I couldn't hate her she's so nice. I thought to myself.

"Nice to meet you as well." I said giving her a fake smile.

I looked up and Liam was giving me a look. I just ignored him.he knew about my feelings for Harry.

"Alright I'm starving let's order a pizza." Niall says.

"Your always hungry Nialler." I say rolling my eyes playfully.

While niall ordered the pizza Harry suggested we all watch a movie and we agreed.

"So what movie are we watching?" I asked

"How about Grease?" Louis suggested
"No we just watched that one last week." Niall says rolling his eyes.

"Well it's not my fault we were stuck in a hotel." Louis defends.

"Alright no fighting, how about we just watch a horror movie." I suggested.

"Wow Kayton suggesting a scary movie." Harry teased.

"Alright let's watch Krampus." Niall says "Its suppose to be scary."

Everyone actually agreed. Liam took a seat next to No all so I was stuck with McKenna and Harry on the couch. Liam got the remote to order the movie and pressed play.It was going to be hard sitting this close to them.

The movie started and and I watched as the beginning credits rolled up on the screen. Harry and McKenna weren't even paying attention.She crawled into his lap and he gave her a few specks on her lips.I blinked away the tears as I looked away.

The movie began and I cuddled with a pillow when the scary parts came on. As time went on and the movie was getting good I couldn't help to get angry.Harry was whispering in her ear and thy were laughing

"Excuse me some of us are actually trying to watch thelqlpp) movie." I said trying to hide my jealousy.

"Sorry." McKenna muttered

Liam looked over at me in pity and I just went back to watching the movie. It was on the part where the guy was in the dark and something grabbed him and then there was loud knocking coming from the front door.It was the delivery guy.

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