Chapter One Hundred Sixty Five

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"You're so incredibly lazy." Anora sighed looking at Roscoe, who was lying on his back sun bathing as she approached him in the field one afternoon. It was the first afternoon since they had arrived home to the sanctuary that both Anora and Charlie were able to leave the house at the same time to work with Norberta and Roscoe. The twins were left in the care of Magnus and Sebastian who seemed more than willing to babysit for the rest of the day while they got some training sessions in with the dragons.

Roscoe didn't even glance in her direction as she approached him. She gave him a slight shove, or at least attempted to but the large dragon didn't even budge.

"Come on, Roscoe, get up! Holiday time is over! If I have to get back to work so do you!" she turned to press her back against him and push but she only slid in the dirt and fell to the ground. Her hair fell into her face causing her to blow it away with an irritable huff.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way!" she said standing up and placing her hands on her hips as she stared at the beast.

Roscoe let out a groan and rolled on his side away from her.

"Alright, you lazy over-grown lizard!" She took hold of several of his dragon scales and pulled herself up to walk on him.

But Roscoe was not about to let her win as he rolled again knocking her off.

"My body." she whined. "Oh my body..."

She hoped Charlie was having an easier time getting Norberta to work but she highly doubted it.

Unlike Anora who was able to locate Roscoe by the massive size of the dragon, Charlie was having a much harder time locating his dragon around the sanctuary. Norberta didn't seem to be around which was odd, as she was normally around Roscoe, even if they weren't exactly right next to each other. Confused he wandered around. He was passing a clearing when he heard a familiar meow. Charlie craned his neck and looked to the right, to see Iggy sitting upon a rock with a dragon resting below him.

Upon hearing Charlie in the distance, the cat turned and looked in the man's direction. A moment of pure silence fell over the group while Charlie and Iggy stared at one another. Eventually, Charlie's gaze fell upon the dragon and then back to Iggy.

"You know what...I'm not even going to ask. I'm just going to mind my own business. I swear there was nothing in Care of Magical Creatures class that covered this. Any of this!"

He continued on his way and came upon the nesting area where he glanced around briefly not expecting to find Norberta but as he did his quick scan, he caught sight of the familiar dragon a little ways from him.

He furrowed his brow as he squinted his eyes, walking closer to get a better view.

To his surprise, Norberta was resting besides a nest, her tail curled around several eggs and her eyes closed as she rest.

The man's eyes widened before he quickly took off to find Anora.

"Listen turd, you're going to get us both killed if you don't pay attention." Anora said removing her shoe and throwing it at Roscoe's head.

The dragon didn't even flinch at the hit as he looked down at the small woman before him who was glaring up at him.

He was glad that she was back, even though he wasn't the most thrilled with her temper. It wasn't like he dealt with the same temper when it came to Norberta half the time. She was either feeling affectionate or she would attempt to bite his face off leaving poor Roscoe completely confused as to handle his dragon mate.

When Anora and Charlie had left to tend to their offspring, Norberta had been there for him whenever he began to seek Anora for attention which led them to become closer and closer. However, no one was aware of how close the dragons had actually become.

Not yet, at least.

Charlie caught sight of Anora and called out her name. She turned around confused as to why he was running towards her so fast.

"Hey slow your roll there Sir." Anora said placing her hand up. "What's the rush?"

"Eggs...and...the Norberta." he panted heavily.

Anora gave him a strange look. "Noberta and I have a nest of eggs?"

"No..." Charlie breathed pointing at Roscoe accusingly. "Your dragon knocked up my dragon!"


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