Chapter Twenty-Seven: Smouldering and Sexy, the Double S's of Doom

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Thank you to @foreverNovember for the lovely edit! Obsessed <3 

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Thank you to @foreverNovember for the lovely edit! Obsessed <3 

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Smouldering and Sexy, the Double S's of Doom 

Cami whistles as we walk in to the apartment, "I think I'm moving in and never leaving." She drops her bags in the middle of the open space floor plan, spreads her arms and spins in a circle. "This is glorious."

It sure is. Turns out Lan's father actually owns the apartment building where he lives which makes it that much easier for me and what I have planned. This apartment is similar to the one Lan has, gorgeous wooden floors, cream accents and glass windows which take up the entire wall. It's been furnished pretty generically, waiting for the next owner to bring in the warmth and some personal touches. But as far as furnished apartments go, I think we got pretty lucky. It's wide, generous in the space it gives especially the three bedrooms. As we explore more, we find that it has the kitchen of Cami's dreams with the rustic industrial countertops and top of the line equipment. She drools over it as I head on upstairs to the master bedroom which takes up the entire floor. A massive bed with an upholstered headboard takes up the entire space, but the room like the downstairs is done in accents of cream and white with the wooden flooring. Once again you have a massive window overtaking the wall and the entire place feels a little dreamy with the light pouring in like that. This is the kind of apartment I have in mind when I think about moving in with Cole and for a split second, I think about life after college when and if we move back closer to home.

But right now isn't the time to think about the future, if there's a future. Because for all my bravado when leaving home and driving here, I'm scared as heck. Maybe this time I've done too much, said too much. And maybe my biggest fear, that one day my insecurities would drive Cole away could be coming true. There's only so much baggage a guy should have to deal with and mine would fill all of LAX, twice.

Shaking the negative thoughts off, I turn around and leave the dream room behind me. I can think of the smaller things later, like my perfect apartment with it's perfect bedroom, perfect location later. Right now, it's time for the bigger picture, such as the fact that I may have pushed my boyfriend too far away.

"Okay it's official! I want to live here, lets just temporarily forget the fact that I could never afford this but a girl can Instagram it, tweet it, snap it and you know dream about it."

She takes out her phone and then I've lost her to the social media vortex.

I'm not as at home as immediately as she is since the fact that Cole is two floors down and unaware that I'm here makes me both nervous and well even more nervous. I'd say I'm excited but I don't have any clue what his reaction's going to be. Maybe he needs more time apart but that is exactly why my new plan is genius.

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