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A/n: back with my main pair with a drastic change of personality. Ah, yes the ideas keep coming for a different book ... sadly. This is going to be like those arranged marriage business thingy clichés majorly. Alas there's going to contain platitudes as I'm going to try to avoid clichés as much as possible.

Main Characters:
Kim SeokJin as Kim SeokJin
Jang MinYoung as Lee Yoo Bi

Characters, names and locations belong to their respective owners and I do not own anything but this overrated theme of a book/story. Contents used are for fanfictions likewise and for 'visual entertainment'. Profanities will be used and possible rare 17+ scenes. Please read at your own risk. All of this work is fiction and locations described are up to my imaginations.

Feel free to critique and comment feedbacks.

Happy reading!

Starting date: 210716

End: 151016

Theme: Hierarchy

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