Part 1 "Tamed Soul"

Izeiah's Pov

The games where they choose the Izeiah's Game's participants hasn't started yet and it's been 3 days since the ball. So now, I have to go to school. Stupid school.

"Isn't this a bit boring for my well being?" I said out loud

"Do you want to go to the ghosttown?" Offered Ivan.

That's the least thing I wanted to do.

"That's a thing now huh??" I said as calm as I can.

"Comm'on don't be a chicken" sabi ni Ivan ^_-

Manok ako sabi niya? Manok manok'in ko siya kung gusto niya. He could've just said don't be a coward.

Pinasosyal na salitang duwag.

To be honest coward sounds much better than chicken.

"I can kill you, I mean, just say the word and I shall saw you what an uncoward I am" sabi ko.

"I'm not sure if uncoward is even a word." He retorted back.

"But what if it was?" sabi ko.

"Good job for that but I can almost guarantee that doesn't exist in the modern dictionary nor in the past."

"You can call the Oxford dudes to see if it's a word." He added.

I never thought about confirming if some of my words that are also sounds alien to me is an actual word. Well, it's all just a joke afterall although I learned new valuable words each time.

"Izeiah!! Did you took the chocolates that was in the fridge?"

"No." I said almost immedietly. I was hungry okay. So, by all means, a girl gotta eat you know. There was just less than 5 chocolates there and it wasn't enough but it still made me somewhat full that alone raises so many questions because I can never be full if I've eaten more than a hundred chocolates. Besides, I was leaking. Binabaha ang panty ko ng dugo so I have to atleast satisfy Auntie Red for she only comes once a month but will stay for atleast a week.

"I'm calling Ren."

"Ren who?"

"A detective." Tinawagan niya ang Ren na iyon at wala pang limang minuto ay tapos na silang magusap.

"He's coming now" sabi niya.

A detective's really coming.Tsk, oh wait a minute-- this isn't the time to be smirking. Damn, I need to get out of here. As fast as I can possibly can.

"I need to go to the bathroom" sabi ko. Hindi pa ako nakakalayo ay narinig ko na ang pagclick ng bagay sa isang kamay ko. Itinaas ko ang kamay ko para makita kung ano ang bagay na mas nagpabigat dito.

And there it was.

Ivan's arm dangling in the air. Hindi ko pinutol ito fyi, naka attach parin ito sakanyang katawan *cue dissapointment.

"Ivan!" I exclaimed.

Nagsimula siyang maglakad kaya napapalakad nadin ako.

Dumiretso siya sa cr at tiningnan ako.

"Didn't you said, you need to go poop?"

"I believe when someone wanted to go to the washroom, they meant privacy."

"I believe the chocolates that I've bought meant that they're my possesion and no one must touch it without my permission."

"Ivan, I didn't eat your chocolates. And must there be a reason to make me suffer like this? Stuck with you? Really?"

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