Chapter 3: A Little Help?

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After a few days, my body seemed to heal up to where the wounds were almost like scabs. Derek told it was from my beast, my wolf. Apparently, they heal pretty fast, and since my blood was turning into that of the beast's, I would heal up quickly too. The bruises on my face and body even faded, you would hardly even know that Marcus ever laid a hand on me.

I looked in the mirror of the small bathroom next to my room. I was starting to look like myself again. I was startin to fill out, mostly because Derek looked after me like a mother hen and ensured that I had three large square meals a day. It was a good thing, my appetite was growing.

I hadn't really been out of my room, my legs were not quite there yet, but today I was stronger. It barely hurt to walk on, only ghosts of pain reminding me of what happened.

I walked out of the bathroom and followed the smell of bacon and coffee. My stomach rumbled almost as loud as one of Levi's growls.


I hadn't seen him since that first night. He seemed to be evading me, which was increasingly annoying. I needed his help, and I would have it.

I almost didn't believe them, didn't want to believe them, until one morning I looked into the mirror to see my eyes glowing. I had awoken from a nightmare and was scared, so I went to the bathroom for a glass of water. Upon looking in the mirror I screamed. Gray eyes shining like the damn neon sign from Shirley's diner.

Derek was immediately at my side comforting me. After I calmed down a bit, he explained that it was natural, a defense mechanism. My beast wanted to protect me and was starting to push forward. That scared me more, I wasn't ready to meet her. If she decided we needed to shift now, I knew I would surely die.

The kitchen was small but cozy. Green cabinets and cedar countertops were bare with a few appliances. An old Mr. Coffee that looked like it had seen better days, a toaster that looked like it burned toast more than anything as smoke started to come out of it, and a small blender with a shiny new canister next to it that said 'Raw Protein.'

Ugh, he's one of those...

Derek quickly popped the burning toast out of the toaster and tossed them onto a plate before his kind eyes met mine. "Morning little one, care for some coffee?"

"Please," I replied politely.

He reached into one of the cabinets and pulled out a cup for me; plain white that now held a brown steaming liquid. "Cream or sugar?"

"Both," I answered firmly. My heart warmed at my answer; my answer. I thought of Shirley and her kindness, I would have to figure out a way to thank her later for what she did.

Derek stirred my cup then pushed it to me. I took a sip and let the hot liquid awaken my body.

Someone coughed and I quickly whipped around. Levi was reading a paper and drinking a cup of black coffee himself. His gray hair was pulled back and his eyes were trying to display a facade of being disinterested, but I could see a hint of curiosity behind them. He did say his beast wanted to protect me after all.

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