Chapter 1:Im Sorry What?

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Lance's P.O.V
I just got home from Toronto and I was pissed.Fucking Hope Ann Gregory is gonna kiss my ass when I'm done with her!I threw my duffel bag on the floor as I heard my doorbell go off.I walked up to the door and flung it open.

A teenage girl with brownish blonde hair,hazel eyes,and a tall figure."Hi are you Lance Tucker?"Did she really not know that."Yes I am would you like an autograph?"She shook her heard no."My name's Raven Kimber.I'm your daughter."What the fuck?

"I'm sorry what?I don't have a daughter."She rolled her eyes just like I do."14 years ago did you know a woman by the name Sloane Blakemore?"Was that the bartender I met in Boston.

"Yeah sadly."She almost smiled."After you guys had a one night stand she got pregnant with guess who,yours truly.Guess those birth control pills don't work after all."I saw a suitcase behind her.

"I don't believe it."She pulled out a folder."Here is my birth certificate and the DNA test."I looked it over.I was a father.Great."What happened to your mother?Why are you not with her?"I asked.

"I'll be with her when hell is ready for me.She died of a drug overdose.She abused me every single day of my life since I was 3.She was always drunk.I'm glad that bitch is dead."I saw bruises on her arms.

I take one more look at her and I grab her suitcase."Let me show you were you will be sleeping."She picked up her bag and followed me upstairs.I opened the door to my bedroom."You will be sleeping with me for now till I clean out one of the rooms."

She looked at one of the bookshelves in disgust."Porn really?"Crap."Get used to it princess.I know you probably lived in a big house."She looked at the floor."I lived in a run down apartment in the bad side of Boston."

Oh."Well start unpacking."She nodded and I walked down the hall an opened the door.It was my storage room.Ill put a bed in here and take all this stuff up to the attic and she's good.I walked back to my room to see she only had five pairs of jeans,four shirts,one worn out sweatshirt,a couple pairs of worn out shoes,and one pair of sweatpants.

"This is all you have?"I was kinda surprised."My mom never bought anything for me besides food that I had to cook for her.These are all I have."I sighed."We will go to target tomorrow."I looked at her unopened backpack."What's in there?"She blushed.

"My other items along with school stuff I got from good will."Good will?I kinda feel bad for her."Let's go downstairs ill order a pizza.When's the last time you ate."She thought for a moment."The day my mother lasted whipped me."When the hell was that?Are we playing Jeopardy am I supposed to guess?

"When was that?"She looked at the floor."Three days ago.An hour before she died."I led her downstairs and while I ordered pizza she stood in the corner.I hung up and looked at her."You know you can sit on the couch."She sat on the couch while I sat in the chair across from her.

"What's your full name?"She looked at me."Raven Kimber Emma Blakemore."Wow."Two middle names?"She shook her head."Two first names."Ok she's living with me were changing things."Ok we are losing Kimber that's gone from your first name it's part of your middle name now."She nodded.

"So Raven...."She was massaging her hip."What's wrong?"She looked in pain and pissed."My period."Shit!"Do you need any-"She cut me off."I only have a couple more in my bag.I'm going to take a bath to sooth the pain.

She walked to the bathroom and locked the door.So pissy!The pizza came 30 minutes later Raven walked out of the bathroom with her hair wrapped up in a towel.We ate in silence.After we finished I looked at the clock 10:15pm.I went to my bedroom and changed into sweatpants and took off my shirt.

Raven walked in five minutes later in a black sports bra and her sweatpants.Her hair was in a fish tail braid that she put in a bun.She climbed in bed next to me and faced the wall.I was on my phone for a couple minutes then I decided to sleep.

I was about to sleep but I got a Raven cuddling into my chest.I sighed.and ignored it.She had a long day.But tomorrow will be even longer.

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