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The jingling of Chester's leash was my reminder to walk him. I saw my small puppy run over to me, tail wagging and the leash in his mouth. I smiled and gave him a pat on the head before taking his leash and attaching it to his collar and walking out the front door.

I took my usual route, down the street, through the park and through the forest. Nothing ever exciting to see, I've lived here my entire life. Not much changes.

As we walked, Chester's nails made a clicking noise every time they made contact with the concrete. We turned into the park and I heard someone playing basketball. No one ever uses those baskets, they're old and they suck ass.

I turned my eyes to where the sound of a ball hitting the ground came from, and I saw a boy, probably about my age, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He had slight scruff on his chin and I watched as he lifted his arm gracefully, pushing the ball off and achieving a "swish."

I guess he could feel my stare because he turned to me and smiled before going back to dribbling. My cheeks burned red and I averted my gaze back to the sidewalk and I quickened my pace. I turned back around to see him taking a bunch of fancy shots, all of them getting in. He was very talented, and hoo boy. Very attractive.

As soon as we stepped inside the house I let Chester off his leash and he went scurrying to his water bowl. I took my shoes off and walked into my kitchen, sitting down on a chair. I rested my hand on my palm and stared out, picturing that boy's smile all over again.

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