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Breah Livingston

Breah Livingston



"Ms. Livingston, your twelve o'clock has arrived." My assistant, Eva, announces with her body half way in my office.

I nod and wave, signaling her to let them into my office. This meeting is a little unorthodox, I usually don't help people with this type of stuff but because my last project successfully came to an end three weeks ago, it's time for me to pick up a new task. The woman enters my office, her heels and salutations are the only thing, besides the light music, that I hear.

"Hello Ms. Livingston, how are you?" The brown woman greets, flashing a large smile showing of her perfect pearly whites.

"I'm fine Ms. Van Norman, how are you?"

"Great. Thanks for your assistance, I know you usually don't do this kind of work, but you are the best and that incompetent excuse of a real estate agent didn't have a clue."

"Oh, it's fine." I reply, ushering her over to the leather chair that is adjacent to my desk. "Would you like anything to drink?"

"Red Moscato, if you have it." she responds, putting her purse on the floor beside her and the notebooks and iPad on the desk.

After preparing her glass of moscato, I pour myself a flute of Moët and take the drinks back to the desk. She sips her wine twice before leading the conversation, showing me the list of facts, wants, and needs.

"So you see why I need your help?" she asks, picking her glass up. I nod understandingly still studying the list put together on the tablet.

This is a lot to take in, but I'm pretty sure with my contacts and my skills, I could get this done, all the while keeping a lot of money in her son's pockets along with mine.

"I can tell right now Ms. Van Norman, this isn't going to be quick, it's going to take a while." She sighs and nods, toying with the ring on her left ring finger.

"Which is why I came to you Breah, you're the best interior decorator and architectural engineer in the game."

"Tomorrow I would like to sit down with you and the future home owner, just to see his style and get to feel his vibe." I reply, pretty much sealing the deal. She smiles that contagious one thousand watt smile and squeals eagerly.

"So, where and what time? Oh and Breah please call me Heather, when you add the prefix it makes me feel old."

"Sure thing Heather. We shall meet at Sugar Freak in Astoria at eleven thirty, is that fine on your end?"

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