Chapter 6. Edited.

I walked to the car and took a deep breath as I knew Johnny was going to say something by the look on his face.

"Hey,'' I said trying to hide my face as much as possible.

"What happened to you?'' He growled.

"3 girls beat me up,'' I said sticking to Cameron's story.

"Didn't Milo tell you why he was making me come home,'' I asked as he stared at me out of the window, the car still off.

"No, he just said go get her, and then he was shouting at you,'' Johnny said surveying my face.

"Who were the girls?'' he asked.

"I don't know,'' I said stuttering.

"Come on Kira, The West High doesn't have an extremely large student body and everyone knows everyone,'' he said becoming suspicious.

Why did Milo have to sprain his foot? He would never have the common sense to realize that if I got attacked in school I should know who it was. But of course he sprained his foot, and now I get a guy with a brain.

"I really don't know, they just grabbed my hair and punched me in the face, whilst the other girl took my cell phone," I said making it sound more believable.

"Did anyone see it?'' he asked obviously going to ask witnesses who they were. Cameron never thought of this part. How could anyone have seen it since it didn't really happen, and when we were saying it happened there would have been a mass amount of people around?

''Yea there was but I think they were all seniors'', I said trying to save myself, hoping Johnny wasn't going to ask every senior in the school if they had seen Milo's little sister get beat up and who it was.

''OK. I'm a senior so I'm sure I can get some info'', He growled.

Panic stations had engaged at this point. Milo probably would because the girls love him and will tell him anything if they think it will get them in his good books. ''Thanks'', I said cringing and looking out the window and away from Johnny. I felt a hand cup under my chin and turn my head. I tried to smile at Johnny, he held my face in one hand and he proceeded to stoke the swollen side of my face with his other hand. ''I just don't get it'', He said soft now tracing the bruise under my eye.  ''Why would someone do this to you? You never do anything wrong'', He said even softer with his caramel colored eyes melting into mine.

''How would you know?'', I slightly snapped as all of the days problems started to wear on me.

''I see you around'', He said still burning me with his penetrating stare.

''Is that right'', I said not knowing what else to say. Johnny was still staring at me and it was becoming very awkward.

''Maybe we should go'', I said trying to wake Johnny up from whatever dream world he was in.

''Can I do something?'', he asked putting but hands on my cheeks.

''OK'', I said nervously.

What was he going to do, maybe check to see if there were some broken bones? I hope not I didn't want to cry and I knew I would if he started poking my face.

I was woken from my worries when Johnny started leaning in towards me, he tried to kiss me but I pulled away quickly. He then dropped his hands from my cheeks ''I'm sorry'', He said turning on the car as quick as possible. My life was becoming a Korean drama playing out in real time, I made a mistake pulling at Harvey's heart strings for Morganna's entertainment. I was in a relationship with Cameron, and I do love him, but there is something missing. I was hypothetically in love with Johnny, the love felt different from Cameron it was more intense and exciting.

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