Chapter 7~A Adventure Awaits

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Sarah's POV
We came to a barn about 2 miles away which felt like around the world to my old body. Toni and I wrapped his arms around our necks to carry him to the cow. He bit into the cow.. It was very disturbing even for me so I waited outside with my arms crossed because it was actually cold for a summer night. Then I see this truck with a light on. He started driving towards me, I started backing up and screamed when he was about to hit me when someone said "watch out!" I couldn't tell which voice it was because I had my eyes closed and my hearing was destroyed because of the truck noises. I was lifted off my feet and was told to keep my eyes shut until they said so. A few minutes later they said I can open them and I was on this blimp that I'm probably gonna break in a few seconds but it was the shape shifting thing who saved me and grabbed Toni. "Wow.. How did you do that?!" "Just drop it for a few minutes, enjoying the view?" he said with a smile "SARAH YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT YOU PASSED OUT AND IT WAS SO COOL FLYING IN THE AIR" said Toni. "Don't tell mom and dad or they'll kill me" "I won't I promise" as Toni said with a goofy huge smile "thanks dude for saving me back there, I could've gotten killed" "what's with the nicknames? My name is Rudolph" "sorry it's been a crazy night. Im Sarah and that's Toni" "dude is a thing you call a friend" said Toni "a friend?" Said Rudolph "well didn't we save each other's life's" "yes we did. Friends" said Rudolph "wait just friends?" As he said with a sad look "yes what else is there?" "Nothing else really" said Rudolph "so how can we get off this because I need to have Toni in bed before our parents get home" "we'll fly" as he looked like jack from titanic "but we can't" "well I got you up here didn't I?"as Rudolph said with an innocent,smiling face "as long as I'm holding onto you, you'll be fine. Trust me". So I trusted him since he did really get us up here.. He started flying once he grabbed our hands and I screamed "I WASN'T READY YET!" "Oh really? You needed to fix your outfit and hair?" As Rudolph said with a smirk "wow what a great friendship we have" as I said sarcastically "how do you do this every night?" "Well it's like driving for me but it's on my own in the air" Rudolph started chuckling after that. Toni was the one who asked the questions for him, it's cute that their bonding even when they are kinda far apart in age from each other but they're guys. What can you do with them? We finally landed on Toni's balcony and feeling relieved that mom and dad aren't home. "Thanks again for everything" "no thank you, I could've actually died" said Rudolph. "I suppose I shall must take my leave" when he was walking towards the window he looked concerned.. Toni invited him to stay over for the night/morning and I pulled him over to talk to him if that was a good idea but he asked if he wanted to stay "maybe I should". Well come into my room, it's bigger and I have a walk in closet that you can sleep in "no windows?" "Nope" so he followed me into my room after he was talking to Toni. He sat on my bed while I clean my closet floor, as I saw him he was looking around and he saw my computer "what is this?" It's a apple computer" " a app-le com-put-er?" I felt so bad he was born in the 1600's so he doesn't know these things. He was about to bite it but thank goodness I stopped him "what the hell do you think you're doing?! This costs $900 if you wanna pay for another one" "you said it was a apple" he looked like he felt sorry for himself "I said an apple computer which are 2 different things" "I'm sorry you can continue to clean" he sat there again for 5 minutes when I was putting a blanket down with a pillow for him. He's not an animal.. Right? "Ok it's done" I took him in the closet and put another blanket on him "I'll warn you in the morning if I'm coming in here to get clothes, just cover up with the blanket". "Got it" I'll see you in the morning-well whenever "goodnight" he said to me with a smile "goodnight" I shut the door after and got ready for bed then hopped in. I was up most of the night because I'm still processing on what happened tonight and what I feel about Rudolph, he's not that bad. at least he's a gentlemen unlike most guys in the world. Maybe it's something else.

Toni's POV
It was really tiring pulling the wagon but I know Sarah wouldn't pull because she's always in a mood or tired. We finally made it to the barn and we had to lift him we put his arms around me and Sarah's shoulders to get to the cow. We laid him on the cow then he bit into the cow. It was kinda sickening to watch but I had to stay in there with him since Sarah was too disturbed. After he was done he heard my sister yell so that alerted him to grab me and sprint to my sister. There was a truck about to hit her but the vampire caught her in time. Sarah blacked out of anxiety so she missed the flying experience. We finally landed on this huge balloon blimp and the vampire tried to wake up Sarah by talking in a soothing voice that British people have, at least it's better then these weird Scottish accents. He got her up then Sarah ruined my mood when I was about to tell her about flying. Then they started having their moment while I was just trying to figure out if I was dreaming or not but Sarah started being strict about getting me home. What a loser. Rudolph grabbed both of our hands and started to fly while Sarah was screaming that she wasn't ready which was kinda funny to the way she's not being any fun right now. But I wanted to ask him some questions when queen stubborn is angry. "Vampires are different than I thought they'd be" "we're more like family, not fiends. that's why we drink cow blood" said Rudolph "I thought vampires drank human blood" "we do but we gotta make do with cows, we want to become humans not eat them for dinner". After Rudolph said that, I had a different mind set on him. Maybe we will be best friends. After our deep conversation we landed on my balcony and all went inside. He said he should leave but when he looked out the window he looked worried about something so I asked if we wanted to stay. He agreed to it but he has to sleep in Sarah's walk in closet because that's the only place that A doesn't have windows and B mom or dad never go in there. After they left I went to tuck myself in, feeling dreamy on what the night was.

Rudolph's POV
I'm feeling very dizzy on this wagon, we better be close because I don't want to fully die for a 15 year old for the past 300 years. The wagon stopped and we made it, they were kind enough to lift me up and take me to the cow. When I was by the cow I didn't hesitate to sink in, it was just enough to gain my energy back. When I was finished I heard the girl's scream and felt her anxiety which was too intense than normal. So I grabbed the boy and saw that rookery was about to run her over, I grabbed her right before he hit her. I gave her instructions to help her calm down while the boy was smiling from ear to ear realizing he's flying. I found a blimp we could all sit on so I landed them on there and started talking to the girl to help her slowly get back to reality "you can open your eyes now, don't be afraid" she was shocked we were up here and starting to have a panic attack. I grabbed her hands to calm her which did help, even though my hands are freezing, they got warm from her's. She started questioning how we got here but I just shut her up by letting the view take over. But her brother started talking about the flying which was annoying then they started fighting but eventually stopped. After 10 minutes she thanked me but she keeps giving me nicknames that are unusual so I introduced my name then I found out that her name is Sarah and her brother is Toni. Her name sounds beautiful then Toni told me that dude means friend in slang? But I became friends with them since we saved each other's lives but Sarah is just a beautiful human being.. But sadly they had to get home so I told them we'll fly but Sarah seemed like her anxiety was coming back so I smoothed talked her with my accent to let her trust me. I grabbed Toni and Sarah's hands but Sarah wasn't ready so she started panicking so I started joking around with her to lighten the mood up but she's like a grinch right now. I had good conversations with both of them and by the time they were over we landed on Toni's balcony and went in. "I suppose I must take my leave" Toni looked sad after I said that " I haven't had so much fun with a girl my own age since I really was 15" "and having a little brother" as I smiled at Toni. When I was walking to the window I saw rookery's truck and I didn't want any chances with him. Sarah and Toni recognized my worry so Toni said I could stay. I had to go with Sarah because she has a room with no windows which I need. I sat on her bed while she was fixing it, I saw this odd shaped thing and asked her what it was and she said a apple computer. It didn't make sense.. I knew the word apple so it must mean it's edible. I tried to bite it but Sarah snatched it away from me. I was disappointed in myself that I thought it was food. Then after that she was done I laid down and gave me a huge piece of cloth. She went over some things which I understood all. Then I said goodnight and she said good night as she shut the door. I'm wondering if I have feelings for Sarah.. This has been the craziest thing in my life.

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