Chapter 8

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Wendy's POV

Aish, why do i have to look for a stupid job. I always had extra money but that was for college. Sadly I need this job now that i'm older my aunt and uncle stopped sending me money.

Okay let's jobs I can get, oooo there's one.

Stupid cafe they declined me.


Every job I went to said they didn't need me or want me, great. It's already dark but i need a job. I'll just try tomorrow. I'm walking and see a bakery/cafe that needs workers! I love to bake, please tell me they'll let me have this job!

I walk inside the Cafe hoping I'll get the job. They asked me questions and i told them how I like to bake. Then they asked me to bake for them, so I decided to make a Red Velvet cake. I love red velvet. I try to make it fast but still good. They're all staring at me so i'm getting nervous but I love to bake so I get lost in my own world. At last I finish it, I give it to them to try and there eyes widened.

"Daebak this is really good! You got the job for sure"

I was so happy when i heard that. I started jumping.

"Really? Thank you so much!!!"

It was already dark but I was so happy.

No one's POV

But little did she know she was getting followed by someone, or should i say it.

Sorry for the short update but i'll try updating faster. 

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