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"C'mon, Mikaa," I tauntingly said, rolling my shoulders, holding out a hand to him. He rolled his eyes, arms still folded as he stared at me, in that really sassy pose he held occasionally with one end of his hip higher than the other.
"I will not dance with you, Yuu." He sighed. I kept moving my torso to one side to the other.
"You know you want to." I teased, wiggling my eyebrows. The building's all around illuminated his expression, his eyes softened, a sigh escaping.
"You're right, I do."
"Aw yeah, Mika's back in the game!" I cheered, his hand taking mine as I walked backwards, away from the ledge.

"You are officially cooler than I am." Mika announced as he caught his breath, plopping down beside me.
"No one's cooler than you, you're Mikaela Shindo for fucks sake!" I cried, raising my hands. I was not studying his expression for comedic effect, staring at the sky.
Then I heard him snort. Glancing down to him I saw his mouth shielded by a hand on the bottom of his nose. 
"But you're Yuuichiro motherfucking Amane." He pointed out, eyes the only sign he was smiling by the way they crinkled. Damn bastard won't let me see him smile. I grinned, pretending to not be bothered by it. He bought the facade, for once. It had taken a moment to process the fact that he had progressively opened himself to me. Only few things remained tightly locked within his own mind. I had learned he broke the rules when the ringleader wasn't looking but was still in the room. When I asked why, he responded with a shrug. "Yuichiro is far cooler than I ever was." He said quietly, holding my hand tightly.
"I was the most boring kid on the block, you were the one betting your lunch money with other kids to climb my house." I nudged him gently with a smile.
"Yeah... That was pretty fun. You were terrified." He reminisced, rapping his fingers on my palm.
"I was thinking you were going to fall!" I defended myself. He was clearly amused, brows perked up.

"Ow!" A voice cried behind us, the door creaking open loudly.
"Sorry, sorry." We turned out heads to see Ferid holding Lola- well, a Lola shaped blanket.
"Good going, asshole, now she has a head injury." Colette said, clapping a hand on his shoulder.
Mika's expression quickly turned infuriated. No, he wasn't mad. Worried frustration. "What are you guys doing up here? You'll get beat!" His voice raised in level.
"No we won't. He's afraid of Ferid and I," Colette spun around, hands outstretched. "Have a free pass." She announced, stomping one foot in front of the other with a grin.
"She asked and he gave her permission." Lola explained, hopping out of the seat she had. "And Mikaboo, we're here because I really wanna see what this place looks like from above. Colette just wanted to crash your date." Ferid snorted at the nickname she used.
"Just because Ferid stopped using that name does not mean you can, Lola." He snapped, ignoring the comment about Colette and dating. She pouted, cheeks puffing. Two minutes later everyone collectively pulled Lola away from the ledge, Ferid running the fastest I've ever seen that bastard go.
"You're not invincible like they are!" He cried, hauling her back.
"Then put me on your shoulders."
"What will that do?"
"Make me feel superior to everyone, duh," she giggled. Lola is ridiculous, one of her best aspects.

Mika was currently chasing Ferid around the rooftop, Lola cheering both of them on.
"The ringleader made Mika the way he was before. But you brought the real him back. Huh. You did have a purpose." Asuramaru said. "Shut up." I sighed. "He's not completely back and you know this."
"You need to tell him about me, Y'know. I have a theory of what he's hiding. Can't tell ya though."
"I know, I know." I grumbled. I really wanted him to tell me, though.

A hand was placed upon my shoulder, legs plopping over the edge next to mine. Faintly tan with small heels.. Colette. Lola had joints. "It's been a while since he's had the capacity to fake being mad to mess with Lola. You're doin a good job, kid." She said, meeting my surprised gaze. A few minutes ago she refused to go near the ledge.
"But I don't think he's fully back to how he used to be. The ringleader, he-" she cut herself off, eyes darting around quickly. Searching for words, maybe?
"He's done some horrible things. Mika's just one of the most prominent." She muttered. Her grey eyes were narrowed, the mirrored glaze still holding true upon them. She was holding back on what she said. Downplaying what he's done. Why?
"I think he regrets it sometimes." She mumbled, picking at a loose thread in her dress.
"He doesn't. Don't glorify his motives and actions." I said quietly, anger pulling through in my tone.
"I know, I know. I can't help it. No matter which personality I'm in, the damn bastard sneaks in like a snake." She grumbled, knocking on her skull with a knuckle. Frustration was clear in her expression, brows knitted together, lips pushed to a line.

"You... You care about Mika, right?" I couldn't help but asking, seeing as how she was always one of the first to reach him after the ringleader sashayed away. Some times I beat her, and she gave us space.
"He needed someone to be kind to him. Since Lola was too young to understand at the time, and Ferid is... Ferid, I took the job. I don't remember which personality I used to talk to him, but the switch to that one is almost instinctive by this point. That kid's really messed up.
So, I'm glad you ended up here, despite the fact it was a technical kidnapping." She shrugged.
"Technical." I gave her a look.
"Okay, total kidnapping." She sighed. I laughed, and Mika stopped scolding Ferid. Turning my head, I saw him looking at me with some sort of expression that was hard to describe. He seemed... Amazed and elated? No, calm as well. I couldn't tell. His eyes were shining, cheeks flustered slightly. Probably from scolding the two. His lips were parted as if he was going to speak, but closed them as if deciding against the matter. There was something about Mika in that moment that made my heart skip a beat. Even though I had come to terms with the fact that I didn't see him as a friend, probably more, I had rarely had him take my breath away.
He's managed to surprise me again.
He shook his head, continuing the scolding to Ferid, holding him close by an ear.

Mika had taken to sleeping on my bunk that night, although I couldn't fathom why. Greatly enjoyed the company and free, and very attractive, snuggle companion, though. His nose was buried into my hair, which tickled occasionally, an arm beneath mine, laying across my back. I thought he had gone to sleep when my drifting away was abruptly paused by the rather melodic sighing of Mika, dreamy as if he were thinking longingly of something.

"You smell wonderful today, Yuu." He mused.

Well, that explains it.

Eh, I'll deal with it in the morning.

"Go to sleep, Mika."

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