34. i finally found you !!

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Selena pulls up at the abandoned area and Parks her car somewhere safe ... she notices Cians car nearby and freaks ...
" That's !! Argh!! I knew it's one of them !! Just which one ??"- Selena

" Can we just leave ... this place is freaky !!! "- cian asked

" Fine ! We'll go .. but first "- Josh
And Josh springs up behind cian and yells

" AHHHHH"- Cian shouts with shock

" That is cians scream" - Michaela whisper screams
Even though she is tied down with a chain and against a tombstone! She gets up and tries to make a little noise to attract his attention!

" Did you hear that ?"- cian
" Shut it !! There's nothing.. stop exaggerating"- Josh

" No that's ... someone is here ! We Should leave !! "- cian

Caitlyn finally gets up with all the shuffling and moving and noise that Michaela is trying to make !
" Mickey what's going on ??"- cait

" Your voice !! It's okay !! Cait ... scream!! "- Michaela commanded

" No ... Harry will "- Caitlyn
" His not here but cian is or someone!! I know it is "- Michaela

" And Josh? "- Caitlyn

" Yes ! Well ... I don't know ... try !! "- Michaela

" Help !! "- Caitlyn

" That ... that sounds like Caitlyn"- Josh

" No we should probably get out !! It's a trap "- cian

At this moment Michaela is not even thinking about what could happen ... whether cian would be upset that she lied ... nothing!!

" CAIT !"- Josh screams

" It is you "- cait

" Morrin "- Michaela
Even in a situation such as this ... Michaela still tries to be as weird and sarcastic
" M.. m., Mickey?? "- cian stutters
The boys run throughout the cave to find them , suddenly cians fear as vanished!

As they go deeper into the cave ... cian stops in the middle and Josh soon follows... They notice all of the girls in chains , blindfolded, handcuffed, taped and most unconscious!!
A tear began to fall from Josh's eyes at this site , he was then afraid and his body began to shake , he became weak ...


Cian recognized Melody ( who was Dean's ex girlfriend! )
And Josh saw Sofia ( who was dayls ex Love !! )

But they couldn't find either cait or Mickey!
" She is ...over... she .. is ... there !! . She's there jjj .., Josh!"- Sofia said

Josh and cian ran to that side !!
He falls to the ground when he sees Caitlyn laying on a rock ! Handcuffed and has so many bruises all over her hands and face !!

She quickly turns her head to cian who is already crying a river !!
" She's on the other side of me " - Caitlyn and she points to the wall ...

Cian runs and he jumps over a few big rocks to get to her !
She sits up with an old cloth in her mouth, chained to the wall and handcuffed...
Her face is muddy and she has a black line underneath her eyes indicating lack of sleep!

Cian says nothing as he walks towards her...
Michaela tries to pick herself up , but just falls back down with the weight of the chains and she begins to cry !!!


" CAITLYN!! "- Josh and he tries to get everything off her !! He manages to break the handcuffs off the wall but they are still attached to her hands !!

Caitlyn wraps her hands around his neck and bursts out crying!! She Cry's and Cry's and Cry's !!
And Josh quickly grabs his phone to call Ryan !

" Ryan ... it's jjjj ... joh ! Josh ? ! CAITLYN!! CAIIITY "- Josh was stuttering and therefore was unclear

" Josh ... what are you saying !! BREATHE!! ... I can't hear you !! Where is she ?? "- Ryan

" Cait !! MICHAELA... !! MELODY ..SOFFFF!! "- Josh

" Whats going on ... are they all there !!! Josh Josh!! "- Dean bounces at the name Melody

" Tell us and we can help !!! Don't , is he hurting you guys !!! Is it safe to call the police "- Brendan

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