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You may have noticed that the updates for this book have become very, very slow. It seems as though one can't do four things at a time while still writing two books... Which is a sad thing, really but I don't want to give you guys false hope when it comes to this story. I will put this book on hold for a time. Once I have sorted things out and seriously start writing again, I'll take away the 'ON HOLD' thingy. 

As of now, I'm very sorry about this, but I just can't manage everything I wanted to at once. I hope you understand. Laters<3

This is the third book in a series. It does have other characters than the first two, but if you're new to the Myre world I would recommend reading The Soul Reaver 1+2 first.

Whoohaaa! Excited? I am. Here is the story of Nick and David. I hope you'll enjoy!

Updates might be erratic, due to the fact that I have so much work to do on my first two books, which I'm editing at the moment. So be patient with me. I didn't know if I wanted to start this story now, at this time. But I decided I can't let you guys wait till I'm done with editing my other books. Heck, I don't have the patience to wait.:))

This book will focus on the romantic aspect a little more than the ones before, I hope you don't mind.;) 

Nick is one of my secret favorites, as is David, so I have to tell you, I am really excited about their story! Please comment, vote and enjoy!

Enough babbling, time to get to it.

Oh, one last thing, if you're new to the force of nature that is Nick, she swears like a sailor and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, or bloody. You have been warned.

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