Chapter 1 - They're All The Same

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Alice POV

Towards the end of lunch it had become apparent that the new boy who I found out to be named Harry, could wriggle himself into any clique at school and not be questioned about it.

I first saw him after third lesson with his arm slung over Tiffany Jones' shoulder as they walked down the hall, center of attention obviously, her bright pink lips curved into a smile as she showed him off to everyone, making sure to catch the eye of her ex-boyfriend, who pretended he didn't notice her.

I'm not saying she's a slut, but that girl has been banged more times than a snooze button on a Monday morning.

Just at the start of lunch I noticed him and Zayn Malik walking together on the sixth form field, they look both looked like twins, both wearing black and both incredibly inked up on both arms.

Zayn was smoking, of course breaking the rules by doing it on school grounds, unlike the rest who aren't dumb enough to keep doing it and keep getting caught, he doesn't care though.

"I've got my tutoring session," Abbie sighs getting up from the bench, we clear our rubbish and begin walking towards the doors leading inside.

"I'll see you later but if you get out a bit early, I'll be out front," I tell her and she nods before heading inside.

I walk around the corner only to see Zayn and Harry stood both smoking, staring back at me, awkwardly slipping past them, I rush through the car park and out front.

Abbie never shows up, I presumed she was still stuck in the tutoring session. I decide to make my way back through the car park as the bell rings out across the school. Ahead, Harry and a small group of guys, before I can sneak around them he notices me and jogs over towards me.

"What do you want?" I ask as he reaches my side.

Chuckling, he smiles and says "Hello to you too," he shoves his hands into his pockets and walks alongside me. Furrowing my eyebrows at him wondering what the hell is going on, he smiles showing his dazzling white teeth, "you look cute confused," He compliments.

Scoffing, I didn't reply. I was lost in my own thoughts, I never really got compliments, even if it was only cute. I smiled to myself replaying his compliment in my head, his lips moving over those perfectly shaped, whitened teeth – Harry nudges me getting my attention.

Oh no, I wonder how long he's been trying to get my attention for, I bet I looked stupid stood there in my own world. I mentally face palmed myself.

I looked towards him, he gestures towards his little group of friends, who I can make out a bit more clearly now.

"You know that blonde one over there?" He asks as I raise an eyebrow at him signaling him to continue talking. He moves closer to me as he says "Well, he seems to have a thing for you," he looks back at me for a reaction.

Not appreciating how close he was to me, my eyes landed on the one he's talking about, straight away I see he doesn't fit in with the rest of the group. He doesn't have any visible tattoos on his body, but he has a stretcher and a lip piercing, his personality proves he belongs with the group – from what I've heard.

I couldn't quite remember his name, but I he was in a lot of my classes last year and seemed to be in a few this year too.

"Niall Horan." I finally breathed, with a nod of confirmation from Harry.

"He thinks you're pretty hot," he admits, earning a laugh from me while I shake my head. He watches me as my smile fades returning to a straight line, from the looks of it everyone has gone in for their classes too, leaving me, Harry and his little group the only ones left around.

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