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"It's a great day in club otaku today" troll thinks as he watches the crowd of club goers and staff "people like the new drinks, the DJ is on a roll, and not a single thug tries to ruin the night."

It's the ten year anniversary of the opening to club otaku, and it's been a hit since the beginning. First couple months were tense with all the local gangs demanding tribute or services of some kind... all were declined of coarse ... and any that disagreed learned real quick you can't argue with a veteran orb master ... at least without regretting it for months after.

*beep beep beep* an alarm goes off in troll's earpiece to remind him of his afternoon run and a sly smile spreads across his face as he runs into his satchel, running goggles, gloves, and his music player before heading to the roof. "Ah man it's a beautiful day for a run" he says as he finishes stretching and walks over to the ledge of the penthouse club..... Twenty stories high. Troll backs away from the ledge and turns on his running music before running full tilt towards the ledge and jumping off laughing like a madman the entire time.

"This is what I live for!" he cries and as he plummets he reaches into his satchel and pulls out a dull grey sphere out and throws it down. As soon as the orb hits the ground and shatters a gust of air explodes from the orb and cushions trolls fall as he lands in a roll and sprints down the sidewalk. Within five minutes he ducks down an alley and approaches a wall at the end and drops an air orb to launch himself over and into the abandoned construction area on the other side. As soon as he lands he runs up a pyramid of pipes, jumps, and grabs the ledge of the first level of construction. "This is my playground" he thinks as he climbs, runs, and jumps his way towards the top of the future skyscraper.

Once on top he surveys the city, admiring the night time lights. The collection of lights in a myriad of colors is rivaled by only the most expansive and colorful cities in the world when it's a view like this. "trespasser!" cries the night watchman as he climbs on his hover bike and begins to fly up to troll. Troll, unperturbed smirks before running and leaping off the opposite edge of the building dropping another air orb to gain more distance. Half way down he catches a metal rope connecting the building and the ground and slides down it like a zip line thankful he grabbed his good gloves. He touches down as the night watchman makes his way around the building in pursuit. Without hesitation, Troll runs out into the road and looks for an escape. Upon spying another alley he dashes into it and knowing he won't have time to climb it he pulls out more air orbs and throws one on the ground; sending him straight up. As soon as his momentum is almost spent he throws a second one on a nearby wall just below him to continue his ascent and within moments of the first orb he is up and over the ledge of one of the buildings and running off into the night.

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