Chapter 37 I Mean This Forever

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Peyton's P.O.V
I slowly dunked my head under the steaming bath water. I thought to myself, everything I try to do backfires. This time, it hit me in the face, it hit me really hard. And I think it left a bruise.

I hear a knock on the bathroom door.

"One second!" I yell, wrapping a towel around me.

I open the door, revealing Bandit.

"Hi." She says with no emotion.


"I just wanted you to know, daddy wants to send you away. He thinks you're weird and crazy." Bandit narrows her eyes at me. Sending chills down my spine. She pushed a stand of hair behind her ear and walks away.

I stand in the door frame, confused. I'm aware I'm weird, but crazy?

I then realize, she's still mad at me. She lied about what Gerard said to make me feel bad. I thought we were okay ever since I talked to her that night. We laughed and talked, I guess she can never forgive me. Now I'm home, living with her again, this is just wonderful.

I get in pyjamas and crawl into bed. I stare at the ceiling, letting the odd tear fall from my eye. The usual. God dammit, why can't I just be happy? Come on, this is getting ridiculous.

My door creaks open, Gerard slowly walks in. His eyes are wide, he looks nervous.

"Peyton, I want too talk to you."

"You're sending me away. If you didn't want me here why did you try to find me? Why did you stop me from ending my life?" I state, sitting up. Maybe Bandit was telling the truth.

He raises his eyebrows, before walking towards me.

"I would never send you away. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to therapy." He looks at me, tilting his head. I part my lips as I think of a response.

"Oh. Uh...yes. I think I should."

"Okay, I think-." Gerard begins but is interrupted my Bandit screaming.

"No! Daddy!" Bandit viscously screams.

I immediately stand up and charge downstairs, Gerard following.

We look at Bandit, she looks horrified.

"What?" Gerard asks, eagerly and concerned.

She slowly turns her head to the right. We walk down so we can see what she's looking at.

We look at the tv. In bright letters it reads

Massive car crash, leaving the victim possibly dead.

We wait and then, that's when we see it. The most traumatizing thing Bandit could ever lay eyes on. The words we read on the screen.

Victims: Lindsey Way.


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