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Body Confidence/Body Shaming Suggested by HannahLacy2002
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As the saying goes, perception is reality. And when it comes to battling body demons, some of us are desperate to stop feeling so self conscious. Every body form is beautiful, but sometimes it's hard for us to believe. We sometimes think that we can't do certain things because of our sizes, "You're too obese to be a model." or "You're too small/skinny to be a boxer." This, although, isn't true. None of us have limitations, you can do whatever you please, no matter your shape or size. There is nothing wrong with your body, you're beautiful and you must remember that. I have some tips to help boost your confidence:
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1. Spend More Time in the Mirror
If you're someone who isn't comfortable with your body, you try to avoid yourself in the mirror (I know I do) but the harsh reality is, the mental effects of seeing yourself more often can actually change your body perception drastically.
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2. Surround Yourself With Body-Positive People
The saying is true, misery loves company. If you shame your body yourself, you'll need someone to help you see differently. If you're friends with someone who rags on their body, it may be affecting the way you feel about your own. Teach them how to love and accept their body. A positive thought is much greater than a negative one, and positivity spreads like a wildfire.
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3. Look Good, Feel Good
Feeling good about yourself is so much more than wearing designer clothes or expensive makeup. For most of us, making the effort to look good on the outside can make us feel good internally. For you, it could mean going all natural, or never leaving the house without a full face of makeup. Either way, make an attempt to take care of yourself in ways that make you feel good.
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And there you have it! Take these tips and use them if you're someone who is less body confident than others. Keep in mind that you are beautiful and you can do whatever you set your mind to. ❥
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