Chapter Two

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"Hey ma."

"Hey baby. What was that?" She asked sounding worried.

"I'll tell you when I see you, I feel like that would be a more appropriate time." I said sighing.

"So how was the meeting today baby?" She asked. I always find her smooth tone comforting.

"It actually went pretty good. You remember the man I was telling you about, Dave Simmons? He showed up."

"That's great, did he agree to sponsor?"

"I don't know yet ma but I've got a good feeling."

"That's good. I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks. Where's daddy?"

"You know, the usual." We both said it at the same time.


"Has that man ever missed a day. Not even, has he ever been late?" I could hear my mom's light laugh.

"Nope. But you know he wants to provide for his family." She said with a small sigh. I know my mom doesn't like my dad going to work so often. We've come so far from being in poverty but he still has the poor mentality. He doesn't want to see his family struggle. But he doesn't realize that he's only wrecking himself.

"What's DeeDee and Jordan doing?"

"Jordan is playing that new thing we bought him. Xbox 4 I think?"

"PlayStation 4 ma." I laughed.

"Yeah, that thing. And your sister's on her phone of course. That girl can't go 30 minutes without picking that junk up. Sometimes I regret us buying it for her.

"She's just being a teenager."

"I know but I don't need one of them knotty head boys tryna get with my daughter." I could hear the worry in her voice.

"I'll talk to her."

"Thanks Justice. When do you think you'll get here?"

"I should be there by tomorrow afternoon."

"Okay baby, I'm gonna let you get some rest. I love you."

"Love you too mommy."

"Bye bye."

"Bye." I said and hung up. I put my music on shuffle and I played my music through my speaker. The first song that came on was Ultralight Beam. I laid in my bed just thinking about everything. Then my music stopped.

I got up to play the music again and realized that I was at 20 percent. I sucked my teeth and went to my purse to get my charger. I dug my hand in and didn't find anything. I flipped that purse inside out and didn't find nothing. I got my phone and dialed Andy feeling bad about calling him for something so petty.

"Hello?" He answered after 4 long rings. His voice was low and groggy but still undeniably attractive. I could tell he was sleepy.

"Hey Andy."

"Aye Justice, you good?" He asked sounding more awake.

"Yeah. I think you have my charger though."

"Girl don't scare me like that.  You got me thinking I gotta fight a baby daddy or something, waking me up 12 am."

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