Demons Run (1) Ornias: The First Demon

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Demons Run (1)

I woke up in my apartment to all the usual sounds of the city and someone knocking on my front door. I rarely ever dreamed, let alone had nightmares that vivid. I remembered how it all felt, how scared and confused and hopeless I had felt until right at the very end.

     I ran a hand through my long brunette, nearly black hair and got out of bed to answer the door and stop both the pounding fist and the incessant ringing. I was wearing my favorite wife beater and tight black underwear that showed no traces of city filth or dirt that would have been on me had I actually been mugged.

     I clicked the lock on the door and positioned myself to where I could peek out without exposing that I was in my underwear.

     I was greeted by my friend Ben's face. He was a sweet boy with dark curly hair and happy hazel eyes. He was around 5'11" or 6' feet tall. He went to the university with me, he was in his fourth year of school and studying to become a doctor. I didn't meet him at school, I met him outside of my apartment. He lived in the same complex as I did; after that I started seeing him around school a lot more and we developed a really close relationship.

     He stepped inside through the small crack in my door, "Eve!"

     I wasn't surprised that he greeted me with a hug. He looked for any excuse to give me affection, really.

     I knew Ben liked me as more than a friend. About a week ago I'd gotten into another really depressed rut. I suffer with high anxiety and the doctor changed my medicine. Obviously it hadn't worked well with my system and I had a nervous breakdown. Ben came over to help and we cuddled. Emotionally compromised as I was, I suppose I was feeling a lack of attention and wanted to be loved. I was already aware of his feelings, so I kissed him. I was terrible about mixed signals.

     I made it clear that we weren't a couple, but that didn't stop his efforts or pursual. Despite all of the advances, he was still a great and hilarious friend without it ever being awkward.

     "Ben." I said dryly. I wasn't exactly in the mood for company. "What are you doing here?"

     "I tried calling but you didn't answer, so I got worried." Ben frowned. I was unconvinced so he started laughing. "Yeah, okay, I just wanted an excuse to see you."

     I smiled weakly. I was glad to see him, really I was, but my mind was in a very strong haze at the moment.

     "I was just, um. I was about to shower, but I've got a few minutes."

     I shut the door behind him and when I turned back around he was bending down towards my face, "I could join you."

     I didn't move away from him, and opened my mouth to say no but stopped; he took that as a sign of approval. His lips brushed across mine softly; it was a sweet kiss. Nice. It wasn't who I wanted to kiss, though. Maybe books had just heightened my expectations too much.

     When I pulled away, he looked a bit hurt, but still pleased.

     "Ben." I said softly, deciding I wasn't going to use him as a distraction. I used my arms to cover myself up. I suddenly felt more exposure than I was comfortable with. "I'm sorry, I just don't feel well today."

    "It's fine." Ben said, a small smile. "I'm just glad I finally got a kiss out of you."

     I cracked a smile at his playful tone, "Want a beer?"


     Ben stayed for a little while and we talked about school, work, different little things. He was always good company.

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