~| Calum's Mobbing in 2014 |~

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I woke up and thought everything was fine. Peachy, even. Then I hear about the newest 5sos trend #RespectCalum.

At first, I thought, well people are finally giving Calum all the love and respect that he deserved!

Then I found the tweets.

Then I found the videos.

Then I learned the truth.


I want you to take this link and watch it. I want you to come back to my message board or the comments so everyone can see your reaction and I want you to tell me what it did to you, how it made you feel.

Calum got fucking mobbed! I know it was back in 2014 but honestly, it shouldn't matter the date. Calum was mobbed, he was crying and he had a panic attack, hell security guards even had to put him on their back and carry him away because he was so scared.

And yet 'fans' still tried to grab him, to pull him down, to get pictures or autographs and no one (except the security guards) did anything. I'm sickened and I'm disgusted and I'm honestly disappointed in that kind of people on the fam.

I get that meeting the boys is exciting, but honestly, give them some space. And if one is, oh I don't know, having a panic attack, then it's pitiably best to back away and give the guy a bit of SPACE.

I actually cried watching the video over and over again because it's so upsetting. Calum doesn't fucking deserve that, no one does. And the fact that none of the fans really did anything to help makes me want to cry even more because we are the boys' family, and yet we couldn't let one of our brothers get some air.

I've had a mild panic attack before so I understand how scary they are. But I don't understand what Calum went through because I'm not famous, so I wouldn't know what it's like to get mobbed by hundreds of screaming and pulling fans and unless you're famous I doubt you understand, too.

I want to address this and I'm going to be posting this in every 5sos book of mine.

They're our brothers. Take away the word 'famous'. You've still got the same buys we know and love and adore. So, why does one word make them different? It doesn't, and it shouldn't.

Fame isn't a part of you, it's just a word people use to label others. Take away the goddamn labels and maybe society can turn itself around.

But then again, maybe it can't.

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