Everything Ends in Darkness

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Chapter One

A bright white light is the first thing see, I feel cold and hard like rock. I'm on the ground, why am I on the floor? I ask myself. As my eye adjust, I realise I'm in a room a very square box like room with a grey walls and a window with light flooding through the glass. The floor is hard, cold and wet. As I sit up my head is pounding like loud music through a speaker. I don't know where I am. The back of my head is throbbing, I touch the spot on my head, it's wet. My eyes trailed to my now wet hand to see red,thick liquid dripping down my fingertips, I panic, I jump off the floor despite of the aching pain.

As I look around I spot a damaged mirror hanging on the wall. I Stare hard at my reflection but, I don't recognize the girl who stands before me. My face is sweaty and worn, there are deep cuts all round my face. I don't know where I am or how I got there. I can't remember anything about me, why can't I remember? I asked myself. My name is.... Uhhh hmm I don't know, what has happened to me. Who am I? I feel completely lost as I look into the mirror staring at all my feature looking for clues of how I might have been in my life before waking up in this room. I look down to notice my arm are tattooed; I don't remember having tattoos  before but then again I don't even know my own name. They couldn't have been done more then like a day or two ago. There are only 3 tattoos, they letter "v", the numbers 0-9-1-4 and, a 3 dimensional cube are scattered around my arm. What do they mean? I asked myself.

Fear and confusion bubbles up inside of me, adrenaline kicks into overdrive. I run over to the window but, there is nothing but dry dead grass as far as my eyes could see.  I look around for a door, but there not one. I try to punch the glass out  of the window with my bare hands, the glass felt cool and jagged against my knuckles, but as soon as I crack the glass it repairs itself, after a few minutes of attempting to burst through the magically self-repairing glass. Anger and confusion turn into a frustrated cry. My hands are swollen and bleeding, pain and panic are the only thing I can feel. The room seems to close in on me, my chest feels tight, breathing feel impossible to do. Everything goes black....

Chapter Two

I wake, gasping for air, scanning the room which is bigger room than the previous room before. The room is dark and humid which seem very familiar to me. I'm on a soft plush bed, I see a outlines of a desk and a closet door. There is a nightstand beside the bed with a lamp on top of it, I shift over to flip on the light. There are hand-drawings and painting on the walls, there is one painting that captivates my attention. It is almost like a invisible force pushing me towards it. The painting was of a sun setting over the ocean, the brush strokes were skilled and poised, the colors were vibrant and eye catching, orange, red and, yellows blended with perfection into the deep blue of the ocean. The painting express true beauty, it was magnificent.

It felt like I was there watching the sun set right in front of me. In the right hand corner of the painting was the letter V the number 0-9-1-4 the same as the tattoos on my arm. A flash of scene pops into my head. I see a young girl painting this the sun set that sit in front of me. The little girl was smiling at her now finished painting with pride, within seconds I know who the little girl was, the vision was so vivid that it had to have once been a reality. It felt like a memory of my previous life, it felt nice to remember something even if I did not know my name or, where I was from or, how I got here. I felt warm and safe with this memory.

I glance at the closet to see the same square cube as my tattoo, carved into the white door, as I walk toward the closet door the room around me seems to disappear into darkness. When I get to the door, it seems bigger and heavier with a shiny gold doorknob. I reach out to grab the doorknob, the metal is cool. As I twist the knob my fingers go cold and numb. I pull the door open slowly to see a blinding light shining through the doorway, I stare at it in awe. The last thing I hear are footsteps creeping closer, I turn to see a shadowy figure and a flash of a metal coming at me than nothing but darkness........

Chapter Three

My eyes flutter open, the walls are white, the room is a glossy in the fluoresce lights. I am dressed in black and red which stood out against the white room. The room is basically empty except  for the huge white desk in the middle of the room. A hooded figure sets with its arms folded on the desk. I can not see the face of the hooded figure from where I am. The only thing I can clearly see is the gleaming silver cube pendant hanging around the neck of the figure. As I stare at the pendent, I see flashes of moments in time like watching multiple movies at once.

I stood up and asked in a shaky voice "Who are you?"

The figure responded to question in a deep distorted voice, "I am the guardian of knowledge, I protect knowledge and memories that are far too much a burden for mankind to carry."

"Why are you here?" I ask.

"I come to help you and myself?" said the guardian

"What do you want from me?" I asked.

"My child, the question is not what I want but, what is it that you want? The guardian said.

"Are you saying I could have my memories back and go home." I said.

"Yes, but everything comes at at a price" said the guardian.

"I have nothing to give you, but I will give anything to know who I am" 

"You know what, how I'll cut you a deal, I'll give you back all the memories I took and return you home, if you let me take one memory of my choosing"said the guardian.

I paced the floor trying to decide what to do. Speaking to myself, I should take the deal, but what if he screws me over.  I mean he did take my memories in the first place!, one side of me said. The other side said one memory won't make that big of a different.

"Do we have a deal?" the guardian said.

"Deal" I said.

"Come to me, my child" the guardian says.

As I walk closer to the guardian, the room grows colder, I stop right in front of the guardian, still unable to see it face. The guardian rips the pendant from its neck and places it upon my neck. As soon as the pendant is on my neck, my arm burn with pain. My cube tattoo started to glow a bright white light. I look at the other Tattoos, they are glowing same as the cube it feels like my body is on fire, the pain is excruciating. The glowing light consumes my whole body. The guardian body disappears, everything is inferno red then everything goes dark.........

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