Imagine 1 ~ Getting Back Together?

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Snapchat was a great thing. At least that's what Martijn thought. He loved going through the stories of his fellow DJ friends and his friends at home or just random famous people he followed.

It was the morning after he had played in a club in Vegas. He rocked the stage and ended his set at 4 in the morning causing him to sleep until 2 in the afternoon.

After waking up he decided to check out what happened while he slept. Opening Instagram he scrolled through some of the pictures his friends posted. One picture specifically made his eyes pop. Wesley had posted a picture of a party he went to. In between drunk dancing people, he saw his ex-girlfriend casually sitting on Dillon Francis crotch while he had one hand in her shorts. Both looking super wasted but aware of what they were doing.

Martijn got angry. Dillon is a good friend and knew that Martijn still had feelings for Y/N. Being angry he decided not to text him. Because he wanted to check out if they had posted anything else, that might tell him that nothing happened between Dillon and Y/N

He looked at the comments of the picture.

James1234: "Dillon's getting it on in the back"

Ashton_Smith: "Dillon! Dude! Get that girl!"

Amberloveslife: "Isn't she the ex of Martin Garrix?"

Peaceloveeverywhere: "@amberloveslife Look at dillons and diplos snapchat!!! You can see them better there!"

And so did Martijn. He opened snapchat and immediately went to watch Dillon's story. First Dillon talked about going to get wasted tonight and then showed all his alcohol. Then Y/N popped up and Dillon told everyone that she was his drinking buddy tonight and she just laughed and agreed.

Martijn kind of smiled, seeing her looking beautiful and laughing always made his heart melt. He never stopped loving her in the first place. It was her who broke up the relationship after she just wanted more time with him. He now regrets not being there for her.

Dillon was now in the club and showed that Wesley was playing his set. Y/N was holding a drink in one hand and was talking to one of the guests at the club. In the next snap Dillon, Y/N, Wesley and some others where sitting in a car and where obviously going somewhere else.

Martijn tried to remember if he got an invitation to a house party of anyone famous but he didn't remember. Maybe it was just an spontaneous party. But watching Dillon's next snap it didn't look spontaneous. It was an big house party with people dancing and drinking everywhere.

Y/N was dancing on a table and held up a wodka bottle. Martijn figured that the house must be Anton's because he saw the True Colours Artwork in the back. In the next snap Y/N had Dillon's phone and talked to the camera: "Hey Dillon's people! I'm enjoying this so much! Thank you Anton for inviting us!" And then she turned the camera to show a smiling Anton.

Martijn noticed how close Anton and Y/N were standing together and he felt the jealousy again. The next snap was filmed by Dillon again. Y/N was clearly grinding on a sitting Dillon and Dillon seemed to enjoy it too.

After that Y/N turned around to face Dillon and she then leaned forward. The snap ended then. The last snap in Dillon's story was one of him laying naked in a bed and a girl that clearly looked like Y/N laying next to him. Tucked in the sheets Martijn couldn't see if she was naked too.

Martijn didn't know what to do now. He felt jealous but he couldn't be angry with Dillon. She broke up with him and it's non of his business. But isn't there a Bro Code that says no ex-girlfriends?

He decided to watch the other stories from the people that went to the party too. Maybe they captured more. He started with Wesley since he was a close friend of Dillon. Wesley had only snaps of his set and one from the car ride in which Y/N gave Dillon a kiss on the cheek while she explained, clearly being drunk, her undying love for Dillon. Wesley just laughs.

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