Ch. 18 Again?

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"Stop." I say, putting my hand of Lennox's forearm. "Listen very carefully. I want and choose Lennox as my mate. I'll choose no other. Threaten him again and I'll let him finish what you tried to start."

"I guess that settles that then." Andrew replies, smiling.

"I guess it does." I agree.

Lennox sits down on my chair and pulls me into his lap. "You're very lucky to have her." Andrew says, sincerely.

"Talk about her again, or look at her like you're doing now and we're going to have a problem." Lennox replies.

"We need to focus on why everyone is here. Rhys is the fight, not you two fighting over my daughter. She's marked Andrew, get over it. After dinner we're contacting Rhys. I'll give him twenty four hours to surrender his father to us, or we strike against him. Now, I'd like for both of you to get along, if it comes down to using force." Dad, states.

Andrew nods at Lennox and Lennox nods back. Well at least that's over. What is it with these alphas anyway? It's not me Andrew wants, it's the challenge just like it was for Lennox. I think all alphas can't stand to not be wanted and sought after. I can't imagine what would have happened if Lennox didn't take an interest in me. I'd probably be with Rhys or here if my "parents" would have told me the truth about my past. I have to admit I'd like to stay here a little longer than a few days, but I know Lennox would never let that happen.

I lean back against him. Tired from the long day, Lennox rubs my side as he continues eating and I feel my eyelids get heavy. I feel agitated then I hear shouting. I open my eyes startled and see my father yelling into the phone. "I will wipe you out. You have until twelve o'clock tomorrow." He threatens, harshly.

I look up at Lennox who is still holding me in his arms although I notice we're now in my father's office. "Did he agree?" I ask, quietly.

"He agreed, if he could have you." Lennox answers.

I don't have to ask what he said to that. I put my head back down on Lennox's shoulder, getting comfortable. "Want to go for a run?" Lennox asks.

"Sure, but I have to go with Jessica after dinner I owe her one."

"Owe her one?"

"From earlier, Andrew and I ran too fast for her, she couldn't keep up." I explain.

His hands tighten on me and his head snaps to Andrew. "At dinner you said you know she's wearing underwear now. You watched her." Lennox accuses, his voice cold and hard.

"Explain, Andrew." Dad orders.

I feel my breathing hitch, betraying my nervousness. My heart races, I look at Andrew and he says. "When we realized Jessica wasn't with us we ran with her back to the house. She shifted before I knew it and started dressing. I didn't stay and watch her, even if I wanted too." He replies, smirking.

"Lennox, why don't you go for that run?" Dad urges, knowing as well as I do Lennox is close to snapping. I see the challenge in Andrews's eyes. He couldn't care less about Lennox's wrath, I'm starting to think I underestimated him. Andrew is either confident in his fighting or completely stupid and I've never met a stupid alpha.

"Let's go." I say, trying to stand up. Lennox's hold on me doesn't ease. I look at my father. 'Distract him' he mouths to me. My eyes get big remembering the last time I tried that. Gradually, I turn in his lap until I'm facing him. His eyes are still on Andrew, fighting with his wolf to come out and most likely rip the other alpha to shreds.

I clear my throat, trying to get his attention. I'm too short I try pulling his face towards me and it doesn't work.

"Andrew." My dad warns as Lennox starts to shake and growl. I don't know what happened, but I stand up and put my baggy shirt over Lennox's head. His growling and shaking stops as he licks the valley between my breasts.

"Well, that's one way to do it." Dad mutters, amused.

"It's better then what I did last time." I grumble, trying not to let Lennox's wandering tongue make me moan. I hear Lennox's deep laugh, obviously remembering the incident too. Deciding he's had enough fun, I lift myself up so I can take my shirt off of his head without exposing myself. "Better?" I ask, sitting back down on his lap. I feel his hardness and blush, uncontrollably.

The phone rings Dad answers it, "Alpha Griffin."

I watch his face harden, listening to whatever the caller says. "We'll meet you there." He replies, hanging up. "He's bringing his father over tomorrow morning at 9:00."

"What changed his mind so fast?"

"He just found out he's going to be a father." Dad answers, I can see he's relieved.

"What are you going to do to Chris Rhys?" I question.

"Kill him."

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