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I showed up to school Monday and approached my locker. I was horrified. There actually wasn't any panties on my locker but I wish there was.

Instead, taped on the outside was a diaper along with a picture of me wearing a Goodnite. The picture was taken at the party. Somebody took off my blanket and took the photo.

You could see Teresa sleeping next to me so I didn't think it was her but I needed to find out who it was. Kelly came up to me, "what's up?" She asked as tears formed in my eyes.

I pointed at the picture. She was mad. She told me she was going to get to the bottom of it.

I spent most of the day in the office, being called "diaper panty boy" all day got to me, it wasn't very original but it was effective.

This gave me time to talk with the guidance counselor about cheerleading. She said that they've never had a boy cheerleader before but they would order a boys uniform as well, when they order new uniforms.

I was excited about that.

The whole next week was awful. School was impossible to get through without crying at least two times a day. Kelly came over one night to ask about why I wore diapers, so it was really embarrassing to explain puberty to her; however the worst part was explaining why they were girl diapers, I'm still not convinced she believed me.

The following Monday was cheer tryouts, another thing I wasn't really looking forward to.

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