Chapter Seventeen: Memory Lane

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Staring out at the rain that continued to fall, Gabriela sighed hoping that it would stop soon and that they would be able to finish it; the last few days seemed to drag by even if it was getting easier to be around Jacob. 

Of course, Gabriela was still wary about being around him and she guessed that she was just concerned that he would explode on her; she was still wrapping her head around the news about what had happened. 

It wasn't hard for Gabriela to spot Jacob returning, she guessed he was relieved that he didn't have to hide from her why he kept sneaking away. 

Moving away from the window, Gabriela sat down on the couch and tried to ease her nervous about being around Jacob; the tension that filled the air when Jacob walked through the door made Gabriela uncomfortable. 

Running his fingers through his wet hair, Jacob eyed Gabriela as he shut the door behind him and sighed hoping that things would calm down soon; they still had to burn the necklace that connected them. 

"Embry thinks the rain will stop tomorrow," Jacob said trying to start a conversation, he hated the tension that appeared whenever they were in a room. 

He had no idea what he could do to ease her mind and it had left Jacob at a lost since the last thing he wanted was for the trip to continue on in this way when they could head to the cave. 

Gabriela didn't say anything in return, she wasn't sure how she should feel about that even if she doubted that the rain would be stopping anytime soon; she wished that things hadn't gotten this awkward. 

The two of them were silent before Jacob sighed and walked over to Gabriela, he knew that she was still having problems accepting all of this. 

It reminded him of how Rachel had reacted when she had found out, she had avoided him and Paul for three weeks while trying to accept that the legends were true.

The two sat in silence for a moment not sure what to say to one another, it was like one moment things were fine and the next things felt like they would never be the same; they needed to do something to put a stop to it. 

"Why is this so hard?" Gabriela asked knowing that Jacob wasn't any different from the one that she had grown up with; the fact that he burst into a giant wolf when angry didn't change who he was. 

She felt so unsure of herself when she was around Jacob and he had been nothing but kind to her since she had found out that he was a shape-shifter. 

It made her feel even worse for being so nervous around him, that maybe even saying the wrong thing might cause him to snap and lose control. 

Jacob watched her, he knew that she was struggling with this and he hoped that they could talk and clear the air; he wanted to show her that not much had really changed even if he did change into a wolf now. 

"Do you remember that year our dads took us fishing with them?" Jacob asked with a smile, it had been the first and only time that their fathers had taken them both out fishing and he doubted that anyone would ever forget that moment. 

Gabriela couldn't help but smile, she had been eight then and it was pretty hard to forget; she felt herself relax at talking about the past again. 

They had done this a lot recently and she found herself seeing Jacob in a different light after what had happened; Gabriela found herself able to see past the fact that he was a giant wolf. 

"You fell in the lake while trying to catch a fish," Jacob teased thinking about that day, he had liked spending time with Gabriela since his sisters were always clinging to their father when they were home.

They always seemed annoyed with him and Jacob was glad that he had friends that he'd been able to rely on; it hadn't gotten any easier when Rachel and Rebecca both left La Push to live their own lives. 

Gabriela snorted and shook her head, that was not how she remembered it and she doubted that Jacob was going to ever admit that he might have had something to do with what happened that day. 

"If I remember correctly... you pushed me in," Gabriela teased shaking her head, the lake had been freezing and she had been so surprised when she had fallen in after a sharp shove from behind. 

Jacob raised an eyebrow and tilted his head at her, he smiled seeing that she wasn't as tense as before and he was glad that they were able to relax this way. 

Thinking of what had happened, Jacob knew that they were going to be okay and he didn't doubt that they would find a way to put this all behind him. 

"I don't remember that part," Jacob stated with a shake of his head, he did know what she was talking about but he had denied it for years no matter how much Gabriela insisted that he pushed her. 

It had been an accident and she had been leaning over the edge of the boat when he had moved past her to get a drink; Jacob had never thought that she would fall in when he nudged her gently. 

"You are such a liar," Gabriela quirked with a shake of her head, a smile forming on her face and she was prepared to argue with him to get the confession that she had been denied for so long. 

It was like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders and Gabriela was sure that she would be able to move forward after what had happened; she couldn't remember the last time that she felt so calm. 

Things had been so busy in the run up to her wedding, then there was the situation of being connected to Jacob by the ancestors and that had been followed by finding out the legends were true. 

The door to the cabin swung open making the two jump surprised, they hadn't been expecting any visitors especially considering they were in the middle of nowhere right now not in the middle of town.

Dragging her suitcase into the cabin, Nessie sighed in relief and looked towards Jacob with a smile; she had tried to stay away but it had become harder when her family were still pushing for her to spend more time with Nahuel. 

"Nessie? What are you doing here?" Jacob asked surprised that she was here, he had no idea what was going on and he had thought that she had gone to stay with her family while he was away. 

Gabriela swallowed staring at Nessie, she recalled everything that Jacob had told her about this situation and she felt uneasy being around the hybrid.

The room was quiet and neither of them knew to react to the fact that Nessie had arrived when she had; she certainly hadn't been invited. 

"I came to keep you company," Nessie replied with a shrug of her shoulders, she wasn't going to tell him why she had come and she hoped that this would make everyone stop talking about how she was meant for Nahuel. 

Jacob furrowed his brow, it wasn't like he was all alone out here and he felt annoyed that Nessie had shown up on what was meant to be a private trip with Gabriela. 

"I'll give you two a moment," Gabriela said getting to her feet, she peeked at Jacob noticing how annoyed that he looked and she wasn't sure that she wanted to be in the middle of the argument that was clearly brewing. 

Nessie didn't say a word watching Gabriela leave, she didn't know what it was but she felt like she had walked in on something when she had entered the cabin a moment ago. 

Jacob frowned watching Gabriela, he was a little disappointed that his talk with Gabriela had come to an end; he didn't know what was going on with Nessie but he had a feeling that he would find out soon. 

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