Chapter 01: The Three Roses

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It was Saturday morning when the alarm clock started to ring. As if it was alive and screaming, "Wake up! Wake up! Time to wake up!" Startled by the alarm,Yael awakened and opened his eyes as brown as the dried leaves of fall. He is an eighteen year old fine young man. Not much of an athletic body built but has a very charming face along with his milky complexion, he looks like a TV star. His pointy nose makes him like he has a foreign blood of the European races. He looks like a little bit older than he really is. His hair is of an impression of a gentleman in a royal ball.

After a minute or two of staring his vanilla cream shade ceiling, he got up from his ash colour beddings and gently walked into the shower room and took a bath. While showering, his phone that was laid on his bed started to ring. Naked and wet, he put his towel on, then rushed to get his phone and answered the call.

It was Troy, his best friend, likely his brother. He is his childhood friend. They know each other very well. Their likes and dislikes, downs and ups, good side and bad side and every turns of each other's past. As if they grew from only one house well in fact, their house is a kilometre apart. Both of them have their lives halved with passion on music. At their campus' band, Glitch Company, Yael is the lead vocalist while he plays the guitar. Unlike Yael, he is more masculine with a brood facial expression. The two of them are the most popular member of the band. In their campus, there is no single day that they would walk around without girls stalking behind them.

A low pitched voice started to speak on the other line.

Troy: Hey Mr. Romantic sugar sweetie lover boy! Ya ready for today's big bang surprise?

Yael: No, not again with your non sense bro! Can you stop talking like that? You really don't sound cool you know.

Troy: Ok, ok. I give up bro. Today's your day I don't want to ruin your mood. By the way, where are you now?

Yael: I'm still home. How about you?

Troy: On the road already. You seem like to be so freaking relaxed huh.

Yael: Well, not really. I am not sure how to do this man.

Troy: Wait bro, hold it right there. Where'd all your guts gone? You can do this bro, you have my help. Trust me.

Yael: Thanks bro for always being there for me. You really are my best man.

Troy: Ok, ok. Enough bro, I'm not really good at being dramatic. You know that. Hurry and go pick Josephine's mom already, you might catch the traffic along the highway. I'll just go first to the resort for preparation and wait you there. Make sure you won't be late. Gotta go!

Yael: Ok bro. See you then. Take care.

Troy: Ok man. Bye.

Yael went back to the shower room to resume his bath. All cleaned and freshened up, he took some pieces of clothes from his wardrobe. He can't choose what to wear. Is it the marigold long sleeve polo with silver lotus shaped buttons? Or the texturized maroon polo shirt contrasted with its light green linings. But he thought this one would make him look like an office attendant or a crew from a sidewalk restaurant. Then he noticed an eye-catching shade of royal blue beneath the other clothes. He took it immediately and went infront of the mirror. "This just looks perfect. Im sure even Troy will fall for my eminence." (Laughing...)

All dressed up and groomed, he picked a sling bag from his table and went downstairs and took a keychain holding a few pieces of keys. He begun to close the windows and up to the door, he went out and locked the door. He always makes sure that their house is locked and secured before going out for no one else will be left to look after it.

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