Chapter 13

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Your P.O.V

Sherlock and John left to go get their stuff. I got dressed into something casual and pulled my hair up into a messy bun.. We were only going on a road trip for 2 days , so i packed a few extra outfits and a few pairs of pjs, toothbrush, toothpaste and shower stuff. I walked out into the living room, made sure all the electrical plugs were off in the house, grabbed my keys and went out to lock the door. I walked up to 221B and walked inside. Sherlock was ready and packed and John was running around making sure everything was alright before we left. "John come on we're going to be late!", Sherlock shouted. I walked outside to hail a cab before they came downstairs. As soon as i managed to get a cab, Sher and John came downstairs. We all got into the cab and went to Sher's parent's house.

-------------------Time Skip----------------

Your P.O.V

We arrived at Sher's parents house. Mikey texted Sherlock and told him that he wasnt gonna tell their parents that it was me, Sher went out with. We wanted to see if they remembered me. Sher walked in and shouted "we're here". His mum came rushing in as soon as he shouted. His dad was a bit more calm and collected.

S's mum: Well its great to see you gu--- Y/N??

Y/N: Hi Mrs Holmes!

I smiled and gave her a wave.

S's mum: Oh my god, hi sweetie!

She gave me a massive cuddle.

S's Mum: Sherlock why did you not tell me you were dating your brothers best friend?

S: Because i never knew she was his best friend till last night, thats why.

S's mum: Aww well im so glad that if you had to fall in love with anyone, it was Y/N.

Yeah, me and Mrs Holmes were really close back then. I loved her like another mother and she loved me like the daughter she never had.


Everybody struggled to hold in a laugh when Mikey was standing at the top of the stairs, hair all ruffled and still half asleep.


Sherlock shouted. I nudged him. Mikey walked downstairs and when he was roughly about 15 stairs away from the bottom, Sher shouted.


Mikey got the fright of his life and fell down the last 15 stairs. John, Mrs Holmes and I rushed to get him. "Mikey, are you okay?", I asked, helped him up and wrapped my arm around him. "Yeah Y/N, im fine", he said drawing an evil look at a laughing Sherlock. "WILLIAM SHERLOCK SCOTT HOLMES", Mrs Holmes shouted. "APOLOGIS-" He wasnt listening to her. She looked at me. Everyone looked at me and John and Mikey covered their ears. I simply walked up to him and gave him a long lingering kiss. Then I started shouting. "SHERLOCK HOLMES APOLOGISE TO MIKEY RIGHT NOW OR THAT WILL BE THE LAST BIT OF AFFECTION YOU GET FROM ME". The look on John's face was priceless, he was trying not to laugh. "Sorry Mycroft", Sherlock sulked. I hugged him "Well done, I'm proud of you", i said. "I knew you were actually telling the truth because you only call me by my name when you're annoyed, dear.", he said. I laughed. "What do you call him the rest of the time?", Mrs Holmes asked. "Sher", Sherlock replied. "I SHIP IT!", Mrs Holmes yelled before she walked to the kitchen leaving us all speechless and wondering, what the hell just happened?

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