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Hii everyone! How are you all? Sorry if this one is a bit short, I’ve been really tired and school can be really rough. Not just the schoolwork it’s the kids there that bother me. I’m not really a people person believe it or not haha. Also my teeth freaking hurt. Stupid dentist. Actually he’s not stupid he’s kinda cute. Don’t tell him I said that he’s married. Omg I’ve said too much already.


Sorry for complaining and telling you guys pointless things, I just needed to let some anger and feelings out lol. Okay this One Shot is for madzz56! I know it’s not one of my best and I’m sorry but like I said I’ve been busy and this was kinda rushed! Either way I hope you enjoy it!




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“Cute apartment isn’t it?” Talia smiled, her eyes scanning over the vast space while I was left to lug in our suitcases. Honestly you’d think she would be a nice friend and help me out but no, she prefers to just relax on the couch!

“Little help here!” I begged, grunting as the luggage almost caused me to fall on the carpeted floor. Hey, at least it wouldn’t hurt as much.

“Oh my bad Madz, hold up.” She laughed, relieving me from the duty of carrying her bags too. Most times I loved the girl but other times I just wanted to punch her in the face….with a sledge hammer. If that’s even possible.

“Now that we’ve put those up, I’ve got to admit, the place does look nice. You think we’ll finally stay somewhere for over a month?” I mused, taking a look at the few chocolate bars sat on the kitchen counter. We’d basically been living off of those.

“I don’t know. Maybe this landlord won’t kick us out?”

“That’s not my fault is it?” I glared at her, pointing to the pet carrier in the corner. Of course every apartment building we went to insisted on not taking pets so Talia always snuck Buttons in, convinced that the dog would do better in a different spot. Sighing, I picked up my purse, slinging the old thing over my shoulder, “I, am going to go shopping for some groceries. You stay here and keep your mutt quiet.”

“Hey! I will kick-“ Before she could finish her sentence I slammed the door shut, double checking that our food money was safe in my purse. Luckily the £50 was still tucked away, and I began to venture down the street, contempt with the fact that a market was close by. Talia and I had gotten a pretty good deal on the flat considering it was right around the corner from some good attractions. One of my favorites was Starbucks—call me typical—and that’s exactly where I stopped, aimed on getting a decent Mocha Frappuccino before having to search for essentials.

“Hi can I get one Mocha Frappuccino with extra whipped cream?” I smiled, tucking some loose strands of my long brown hair behind my ear. The counter girl smiled, nodding repeatedly before scurrying to make my drink. Sighing, I leaned back against the counter, eyes scanning over each individual customer. Creepy it might be but if I was going to be an artist it was good to pay attention to detail, especially traits. I won’t bore you with the complex version but basically I’ve loved drawing for a while now and it’s one of my passions, other than eating and sleeping of course.

“Here you go love,” Mary—as I read on her name tag—spoke, handing over my drink which I gladly accepted. Taking a sip of the goodness, I perkily began to exit the shop, smiling as someone held the door for me.

“Madison?” The male asked, looking down at me with a pair of bright blue eyes that’d I’d recognize anywhere.

“Niall?!” I whisper/yelled, shocked to even see my old best friend out in the open. He flashed me a grin, showing off his newly straightened teeth which looked amazing might I add.

“It is you! I haven’t seen you in almost a year! I was worried you’d forgotten about me!” He chuckled, pulling me in for a long embrace.

“I could never forget my little Irishman,” I teased, wrapping my small arms around his neck. Niall had definitely gotten taller from when I last saw him, and more handsome in my opinion.

“How’ve you been?”

“Great, I just moved in a new apartment down the street with Talia!”

“Oh,” he was silent for a moment, obviously thinking of what he should say next, “I thought you’d never talk to me again, after you know…I told you I loved you.”

My breathing hitched. How do you reply to something like that? “Niall it’s complicated, what I’m feeling, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t talk to you. You’re still my best friend.”

“It’s been almost a year, have you thought about it?”

“I don’t know Ni, we haven’t talked in almost a year either so what’s there to think about?”

“Madison, I love you. And I don’t think I’ll be able to move on. This past year, I’ve tried but I just can’t.” I tried to look at anything but him but at his moving words my eyes wandered back to their previous position, just as I let out a sigh.

“I-I love you too,” A smile appeared on his face, “But, I’m not going to rush into anything just yet. You have to take me out first.” I smirked.

“Deal, now give me a sip of your drink. I’m thirsty.”

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