Chapter 12

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Your P.O.V

I didnt bother getting dressed. I just brushed my hair and then just unlocked my room and walked out in my stitch onesie. The sight i seen made me want to laugh. Sher was asleep on the couch. His curly hair was a complete mess. I walked over to the flat door. The keys were on the gound, the door locked and a note beside them. It read:

My dear brother fell asleep so i took the liberty of locking the door and sliding the keys through.

- Mikey

I smiled at the note andpicked up the keys and unlocked the door. I sat the keys and note on the table. Then i phoned John and told him to come down to my flat as there was a once in a lifetime opportunity here. He ended the call and came down to my flat. I opened the door quietly and made a shushing sound whilst pointing to Sherlock. He walked over and tried not to laugh. He took his phone out his pocket ,made sure the flash was off and took a picture. I told John to sit down on the other armchair whilst i made breakfast. I made french toast, orange juice, an apple and some orange slices. I sat them on the table and gently shook Sher awake. He stirred then yawned and tried to grab me like a teddy bear. John and I couldnt help it anymore, we burst out laughing and that woke him up.

Y/N: Come on Sher you have to eat breakfast!

S: Okay Y/N.

We all sat and had breakfast and Sherlock noticed the note on the table. He read it.

S: Sorry dear, I really didnt mean to fall asleep, Mycroft was just so boring.

Y/N: Its fine dont worry Mikey locked the door.

S: Its weird to think my brother has a friend. Although i still cant quite believe i fell asleep like that.

J: Yeah the only Consulting Detective needs his beauty sleep.

John showed him the picture and he looked embarrased. John and i started laughing and after a while, Sherlock joined in.

S: Y/N, my family and i are going on a road trip today and my mum was wondering if you wanna come?

Y/N: Sure yeah but what about John?

S: He can come too. I'd be lost without my blogger.

Y/N: Okay, that settles it then. We are all going on a road trip with the Holmes family.

And then it finally hit me. Im gonna see Sher's parents again. I wonder if they remember me.

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