Faking It (G!p)

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A normal Sunday afternoon for Camila and Lauren, the young couple would always spend their whole Sunday cuddling and watching Netflix.

The Notebook ended and has Camila crying again for the 38th time that they've watched it together.

"Camz, how can you still cry on a movie that you've watch six hundred times already?" Lauren questioned, squeezing her girlfriend's waist closer to her.

"It always felt like the first time for me, Lauren. How can you not still understand that; for the 38th time that I've been watching it with you?" Camila stated, wiping the extra tears on her swollen eyes.

"Whatever, babe! I'm hungry- where's all the freaking chips?" Lauren asked, grabbing the bag of junk food that was already empty.

"On my tummy," Camila said proudly, rubbing her stomach in a circular motion.

"Right. What's new?" Lauren whined, her thick eyebrows furrowed; her arms crossed on her chest.

"You can eat something else though." Camila whispered, crawling on top of her girlfriend.

Lauren turns to her side to face Camila, her eyes traveling down the Latina's petite body and stopping on her shorts.

Camila bit her lower lip, pulling the green eyed girl towards her for a kiss; folding her laptop on her side with her left hand.

Both of them have been waiting for this day, finally it's happening.

"Camz, wait-"

"What's wrong?"

"I'm... Uhm- Uh..."

"We can do something else if you want."

"No. I'm ready, but-"


"You're aware of my condition, Camz; right?"

"I am. And I don't care. If you we're worried that I would judge you because you're a girl with penis then don't worry, Lauren. I accept who you are."

"Yeah- but not just about that... but it's- uh"

"Lauren, we can still not do this if you're not ready."

Lauren never had any experience before. Camila, she lost her virginity just last year before she met Lauren. She was at a frat party and was drunk; she doesn't really remember anything that night so I don't know if that counts as experience.

But if it was for Camila, she would definitely choose Lauren to pop her cherry but that's impossible now since there we're no longer a cherry waiting to be popped.



"My penis is probably too small for your liking."

"Do I look like I give a fuck? No."

"I just don't want to disappoint you-"

"I dated you for who you are, Lauren.... Not for your extra package, okay?"

Lauren just nodded, and got pulled by Camila; connecting their lips again.

Camila undress herself in record time and now already fully naked and exposed to her girlfriend, now she was helping the older girl to get rid of her sweatpants.

Lauren unclassed her bra and tossed it somewhere the room, while Camila tugged on the waistband of her sweatpants to then remove it from her body alongside her boxer.

Camila kissed her one last time before she felt the younger girl's hand squeezing her penis.

Lauren waited for Camila to look at her after looking down on her crotch, finally meeting her favorite pair of brown eyes; she cupped her face and kisses her once again.

"It's cute." Camila whispered with a grin, making her laugh in embarrassment.

She felt Camila's hand stroking her growing appendage and she couldn't help but groan by the amazing sensation.

"Feels good?"

"Fuck yes, Camz."

Camila crawl on top of her, and connected her lips to Lauren's cute penis (according to her).

Lauren moaned in pleasure when her girlfriend started sucking her cock and stroking it at the same time.

"Camz, can I do you now?" Camila quirked an eyebrow looking up to her girlfriend in daze, she just nodded and licks the tip one last time before they change their position.

Meeting Camila's bundle of nerve for the first time, she wetted her lips before brushing her tongue on the damp area.

"Yes... Lauren!"

Lauren licked Camila's throbbing center up and down, sucking on it lightly and stopping on her clit to circle her tongue.


Lauren did that again since it seems that her girlfriend was enjoying it, and again, and again but harder this time that made the brown eyed girl scream and come on her mouth.

"You taste really good, Camz."

"Mhm? With your cock now, Lo! Please."

Lauren nodded, standing at the end of the bed; pulling her girlfriend closer.

"Lauren! Put it inside now." Camila groaned, making her girlfriend widened her eyes, "Uhm... I've been fucking you for like 30 seconds now." Lauren stated her throat dry and her brows furrowed.

"Oh... Uhm faster, Lauren. Please!"

Lauren thrust her hips harder and faster, feeling her orgasm arriving.

"I'm com- Camz... I'm- Shit."

"Coming too," Camila faked, not that she wasn't really feeling Lauren's cock; there's still a bit tingling sensation there but that's it; not enough to bring her over the edge.

"FUCK... UH!" Lauren moaned, pulling out; jerking her cock and spurting her cum on her girlfriend's stomach.



"Did you come?"

"Uh... of-of course." Camila nodded, and hoped that the green eyed beauty buy it.

But instead, Lauren started sobbing; she was confused on what to do so she just gave her a tight embrace.

"Babe, why are you crying?"

"I didn't make you come."

"You did, Laur!"

"That's with my tongue, Camila."


"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault that you have such a cute dick, Lauren."

"Stop calling it cute-"

"Shut up. I love you and that's all that matters. And your cute penis doesn't change that."

Lauren cried even harder, and finally reciprocated her girlfriends hug, but tighter.

"I love you so much, Camila."


So I never really encountered a G!p Lauren that she has a small penis, it's always BIG AND THICK OR WHATEVER AF. So I thought I'd try to make one. I justthought of the idea 'where Camila was telling Lauren to put it inside already when she's been fucking her all this time' really funny and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I thought I'd give it a try. There you go guys! Pretty short, but stillI hope you like it.(: xxx


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