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Life is not about how many breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.


The atmosphere inside the car was warm, unlike the weather outside. The rain drops fell on the windows one after the other in perfect harmony. Omer could not help but smile as he glanced outside.

It was the first rain of the winter season-water making the thirsty land bloom. The rain had freshen up his mood too just like every other resident of the city which was evident from the slow music playing inside the car.

As he sped his car on the road, Omer looked at his watch which indicated four-seventeen in the evening. He was early toady, going back to his home before time.

Today was one of those days when a man as workaholic as Omer did not feel like working at all-the pleasant weather making him go back home and ordering him to enjoy the rain with his family. And who was he to defy nature?

And now he was in his car, driving on the roads of Islamabad. The drive which usually lasted 10 to 15 minutes was now taking much longer, the heavy rain pouring outside elongating the distance excessively. He just shook his head and smiled, not minding the long distance even for a second.

As his thoughts wandered around randomly, it landed on his phone which he had powered off due to the meeting and he didn't remember to turn it on afterwards.

And as he picked up his phone from the dashboard, he had no idea about the huge mistake he committed when he forgot to turn it back on.

As he switched on the phone, he was met with this sight of 21 missed calls from Saad. His eyes widened as he dialed Saad's number hurriedly, sensing something terribly wrong and yet hoping that it was not that bad to yank the ground from under his feet. The phone was picked up from the other side on the first bell.


Saad's anxious and alarmed voice reached him through the phone and it made him push the brakes. With a palpitating heart, he freed the words caught in his throat.

"Saad, what's wrong?"

Omer questioned, trying to look calm and composed but failing terribly in it.

"Bhai, is Fariya with you?"

Saad asked hurriedly and Omer could sense agitation in his voice.

The fear in the fearful man's heart was instantly replaced with confusion. Fariya? He thought with narrowed eyes.

"Why would she be with me?" Omer asked quizzically and he sensed a storm approaching.

"She didn't call you?"

Saad's startled voice entered his brain but it never registered there. He was too confused to think.

"She did not." Omer said after checking his mobile phone log.

"What's wrong?"

After raising the phone to his ear, he questioned in fright.

"Bhai, Fariya has not yet reached home. I told her to call you but she..."

Omer's loud voice cut Saad in mid-sentence.

"What do you mean by she didn't reach home? Where is she?"

Though Omer's voice contained anger, it also contained another emotion-fear; a heart stopping fear.

"University. I forgot to pick her up and told her to call you. I don't know why she didn't do that..."

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