Love Olympus (5)

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"You up for it?" Caspian slyly grinned.

"Sure," I nodded abruptly moving in. Caspian moved back quickly surprised at my answer. I smiled in my head. Does this guy think I'm that dumb? Oh god please...

"Really..?" Caspian gave a hesitated glance.

"You're not my type, but uh..." I took a sip of my Pepsi. "I'll live," I sniffed looking him up and down.

Caspian blinked and scoffed. "Wow," he sniffed rubbing his nose. "Are you playing with me, right now?" He questioned looking at me strangely.

"I don't play," I slammed my can down. "So," I turned around facing him. "When do we start?" I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"When do we start?" He blinked.

"Make up your mind kid," I yawned getting up. "I don't play with kids," I raised an eyebrow and walked away. Smiling to myself I could sense his eyes piercing my back.

"You'll be back..." I heard him chuckle under his breath.

Moron, I thought. Trying to play me? Huh? Who the hell does he think I am, a ditz? And what did he mean, 'you'll be back'. Honey, YOU'LL BE BACK.

Stopping short I turned around to see him smiling broadly at my back. He looked like a kid who found a new toy. For some reason I blushed slightly.

"I got to say Venus you placed a heavy impression on a man who might die anytime during this game," Caspian chuckled. "I think I fell in love."
"In love?"
"Well this is the love games right?" He picked up an apple from the counter. "It's going to be fun playing with fate huh Venus?"

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes and zip lined my way back to walking.

I walked upstairs to my room with a huff and chose to ignore what Caspian had said. We would talk about it later because right now I had to look somewhat presentable. That didn't mean I wasn't considering what he said.
I wanted to win and if that meant shocking the crowd then I would do just that. For right now though I would continue to be partners with Clark, but we did need to have a few words.

"Clark!" I yelled, grabbing him before he entered the room. I pushed him inside the room and was about to give him a piece of my mind when I noticed the camera in the corner. It had turned its full attention on us.

"Venus?" He asked, scratching the back of his head. Even I was surprised by my sudden outburst and aggressive behavior.

Blinking several times I let go of him and looked away. "Damn it..." I swore to myself walking over to my bed. Caspian's words must've set me off. I tried to play it cool in front of that smooth talker, but he surprisingly did get under my skin.
"What?" Clark asked again.

I relaxed my grips on my clenched hands and made my way back to Clark. Composing the best fake smile I could, but out of nowhere I placed a hand on his chest and bit my lower lip.
You took theatre classes for a reason Venus, I told myself. Now is the time to use this worthless talent my mom has been annoying me about for years.

There was no reason for the crowd to know that we were fighting right now. I wanted to win this next competition...whatever it was. So as long as I convince the crowd about my...... as hard as it is to say... 'LOVE' with Clark...

Then so be it...

"Pretend to be shocked. They're watching," I whispered, digging my face into Clark's chest.
"Huh?" He didn't catch what I said.

"Oh why, why!" I faked sobbed hitting his chest. A confused Clark awkwardly put his hands up like a cop caught him. I stomped on his foot hard to get his attention.

"Ow!" He groaned grabbing my shoulders.

Dumbass, I thought. Before he could look down I put my hand against his cheek and turned his head back towards mine.

"We're having another competition within the hour that I'm sure you already know about. I won't hide that what you did with Krystal is disgusting, but right now we need to be the perfect couple. That's how Corin and Archer did so well in the first round. If you don't want to die then you'll pretend to like me and keep your eyes off of that girl," I said, almost spitting out the last part.

"Listen Venus, it's-"

"I don't want to hear it. I can't hold it in anymore!" I rubbed my eyes.

"Hold what in?" Clark frowned. "Do you need the bathroom-"

I stomped on his foot even harder.


I placed a finger on his mouth quickly.

"Hush...." I dramatically placed it on his lips. "I know it's hard for you too Clark," I sniffed. "I know how hard it is for you to express your love," I grabbed his cheeks.

"Venus what the hell are you-"

I dug my nails into his cheek and lightly hit my forehead with his. Clark was ready to hit someone with the confusion and venom in his eyes, but I didn't care. I needed that crowd to believe every little thing that was going on right now. As much as it kills me right now to act like this. One way or another, a story has to go... Even if it means I have to look desperate.

"I... I love you," I stuttered the words. Clark froze in that second, the venom going away from his eyes. I hesitated for a second. An angry Clark would be easy to deal with, but the Clark right now was a little intimidating.

Staring at him for a second, I blinked several times to snap out of it. I also let go of my grip on his cheeks and lightly placed my hands on his face.

"Why are you saying this all of a sudden?" He spoke in very low voice.

"If not now..." I remembered specific lines from a play. "Then never..." I whispered.

Leaning in for the kill I placed a quick kiss on his lips and started to retreat right away. It felt as if my gut was exploding into a million pieces, but it worked. I could hear all of the camera's in the room zooming in, the sounds being the evidence.

My heart was racing so fast and I didn't know why. I took a step backwards to move away since it was so hot.

After standing there for a few awkward seconds I heard something that sounded between a mixture of an animal choking and a growl.

I jumped up in the air suddenly noticing I was standing there in a daze of thought. I was imagining the apocalypse since that's what it felt like.

I literally stripped off my pride and dignity onto the floor; not only spitting on them, but well over doing a special type of a genocide.

Shock progressed into my body. Gulping I looked to my side to find the devil's mistress herself.

Krystal stood there at our door, her hand still on the knob. I was so shocked I didn't even notice someone coming in...

"Clark!" She shouted in her annoying voice.

"Oh..." Clark blinked. "Hey," he stretched his lips into a smile.

She was mid-step towards us when Clark sighed and walked towards her. He had a smug look on his face as he wrapped his arm around her. No sign of awkwardness.

I watched while he whispered something in her ear. She relaxed a bit, smiled, and gave him a hug before she walked out. I'm pretty sure she missed the kiss since she didn't have a knife in her hand. I sighed out of relief.

Quickly walking out onto the balcony, it was the one place where no cameras were. I leaned against the rails and breathed in and out to catch myself.

I bet Clark was with Krystal now, but that didn't matter. Everything went according to plan, so I hope he doesn't get so angry that he doesn't even want to hear my explanation.

"What was that about?" Clark shouted opening the balcony door. I looked over my shoulder to find Krystal not with him. I was glad about that, but shocked he came here instead. I decided not to ask questions since he was the one who was mad.

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