PREFERENCE - Your Son Protects His Little Sister

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Liam: (Brandon:oldest son 16 years old, Lilly: youngest daughter 15 years old)

You and Liam where sitting at the dinner table, waiting for your two kids to come home from school. Suddenly you could hear the door, burst open and some yelling in the hallway. "I could have handled it myself" your daughter yelled. You and Liam walked from the dining room, to the hallway where your son and daughter where standing. "What happened?" Liam asked your kids. "Brandon knocked a guy out" Lilly said, looking over at Brandon. "Brandon is that true? Why?" You asked your son. "He deserved it" Brandon said defending himself. "How can someone deserve to be knocked out?" you asked almost yelling. "I didn't mean to knock him out, I was

just lucky. But he deserved it because he smacked Lilly's ass" he said. "I could have handled it myself" you daughter yelled at her brother. "Calm down. Lilly you should be happy that you have a brother who stands up for you and Brandon you can stand up for people without knocking other people out" Liam said. "Thank you for standing up for me" Lilly sighed hugging Brandon. "I'm sorry for making a scene" Brandon hugged back. Oh how happy it makes you, that your son protects his little sister.

Harry: (Matt: oldest son 18 years old, Emma: youngest daughter 15 years old)

You where lying on the couch watching TV when you could hear the door open. Harry where working, Matt where in his room and Emma where at school, so who could it be? A sobbing Emma came into the living room. "Hey Emma what's wrong?" you asked her while walking over to Emma. "It's beginning again" Emma sobbed into your chest and you knew exactly what she was talking about. Your son walked into the living room to, confused over what was wrong with Emma. "Hey why is Emma crying?" Matt asked rubbing Emma's back. "I can explain it in the kitchen" you said walking with your son into the kitchen. "The bullies are bullying her again" you whispered. Matt walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. He hugged Emma, and whispered something into her ear. He took her hand and they started walking out of the room. "Hey where are you going?" you asked them. "I'm going back to school again" Emma said. "But why is Matt going with you?" you asked confused. "I would like to have a little talk with those bullies" Matt said closing the door.

Zayn: (Jacob: oldest son 22 years old, Sophia: youngest daughter: 14 years old)

"Beep" Sophia's phone said again. A tear escaped from Sophia's eye. "What's wrong?" you asked her concerned. "N-nothing" Sophia sobbed reading the message on her phone. "Sophia your phone have beeped all night and now you're crying. What's wrong?" Jacob said from the other couch. "There is nothing wrong" Sophia yelled. Just as she said that her phone started ringing. Sophia took her phone and shakes like a crazy. "H-Hello" she whispered. She didn't know that her phone was on speaker so everyone in the room could hear what the person said. "You are so ugly, you should kill yourself" a boy said. Jacob ran over to Sophia taking the phone from her. "Shut up, if you ever talk to my sister again, you will regret it so much that you will regret the day you got born" Jacob yelled into the phone. "Sorry sir. It won't happen again" the boy said before he hung up. Sophia hugged Jacob and thanked him. Zayn walked over and hugged them too, so you decided to join them.

Niall: (Mason: oldest son 19 years old, Olivia: youngest daughter 16 years old)

Your son and daughter walked down the streets in London with you. Niall was working so you tree decided to have a nice day in London together. Mason lived in America and was only on visit in London. Suddenly your phone vibrated and it was a message. It was from your boss, saying that you had to work. "I'm sorry my boss says that I HAVE to work, would it be okay with you two if I go to work and you will be on your own for the rest of the day?" you asked them sad. "Yeah" they both say hugging you goodbye.

Olivia's point of view

I hugged mum goodbye. Of cause it was sad that she had to leave, but I also was exited to spend some time my brother. We walked around talking about stuff, and we had a lot to talk about since lived in the US and we hadn't seen each other in a long time. I didn't bother telling him about the mean popular group in the school, since I don't want him to worry about that. We had walked for some minutes, when some people I knew too well where right in front of me on the street. Oh shit it was the popular group from the school, who of some reason hated me. I just hope that they won't say anything. But I guess that today wasn't my lucky day. "Hey ugly piece of shit, you really have no friends since your brother have to hang out with you. I feel bad for him" one of the boys said. I took my brother's hand trying to pull him away as fast as possible, but he didn't want to. "What was that? How dare you say that to a beautiful girl? You should really be ashamed you know? Do you know what? F**k you I don't want to waste any time on you idiot" your brother yelled at the boy, before he walks away with me. "Thank you" I whispered.

Louis: (Noah: oldest son 18 years old, Leah: youngest daughter 15 years old)

You were sitting on the couch watching TV waiting for you and Louis kids to come home from school. It was an hour since, they should have been home. You started to be worried. They always texted you when they was with their friends instead. You had tried to call them sometimes but they didn't answer. You where really worried, when suddenly your phone rang. You rushed over to it. "Hello" you said really fast. "Miss Can you please come to the hospital it's about your kids. They were in a fight or something and now they are here" the lady said. "Sure" you said running out to your car. You drove to the hospital and ran inside. "I need to visit Noah and Leah Tomlinson" you said to the lady in the desk. "Room 412" the lady said pointing to a room. "Thanks" you said running over to the room. You open the door seeing your daughter Leah in a hospital bed, with a broken arm and Noah in a chair next to the bed with some scratches in his face. "Oh my... what happened?" you asked rushing over to Leah. "I where walking home from school when something hit me in my back head" she said pointing to her head where there was a big dent. "I landed on my arm so that's why it's broken. It was some guys who started kicking me. But then Noah came running and kicked their asses" Leah said looking proud at her brother. You hugged them both. "I'm so glad that you're okay" you said almost crying. You called Louis and he came too.

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