Chapter 7

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"You. love. me?"

Unease coiled around her heart. Why is his tone so mocking?

"Are you f**king kidding me?"

Now her gut twisted a little too. Kidding?? No, she wasn't. All she had done was voice her feelings for the boy she has known all her life.

"I never imagined you would try to trick me, Khushi. Why dammit? What have I not done for you? WHAT? Hell, I took the f**king bullets for you! And this is how you repay me? By playing games? If you think I'll believe the crap you have dished out even for a second then you don't know me at all. I am not that stupid trusting boy your family abused for years. You people don't come to anyone's doorstep to spit without a hidden agenda and you want me to believe that suddenly you have developed a lifelong love for me? How f**king convenient !! For your lowlife brother to spy on me and keep me distracted while he is enjoying his hospital stay. I can expect that Asshole using you, but you? Shit Khushi, I never thought you would stoop this low. I have no idea what you and your scumbag of a brother are playing at but let me tell you that you both will regret messing with me till your last breaths."

Her heart constricted painfully. What is Arnav saying? Her throat was clogging at an alarming rate. He, of all people, never talked to her like this. Who is this snarling hurtful man?


Before she could open her mouth to reply, he was marching towards her with hate so potent in his eyes that she recoiled.

Arnav you are hurting me, she wanted to whimper. His hold on her arm with his good hand as the other one was in a sling, was too brutal. But before she could protest, she found herself unceremoniously pushed out of his apartment.

"Go tell that two faced dog to stop pimping his sister out."

With a loud bang, rivaling her thudding heart, the brown door was shut closed on her stunned face as she stood holding the banister for balance.






"Understand, Khushi?" Arnav's shook her out of her visit down the memory lane.

Dazed, she looked up at his brown eyes which were neither that hard nor that cold like that ill-fortunate evening. Rest of her memory of that day though was extremely fragmented. Except for a few of his words and the memory of an acute ache in her chest cavity, she doesn't remember much. The feeling of insult and rejection had dawned on her after she had lain in her bed blankly staring at the ceiling that night. She had tried to suppress that evening in her psyche with all her might and has succeeded too. After all, she was an expert at guiding her mind into behaving since childhood.

Her heart, however, was a different story.

What exactly did he mean by cowardly behavior?

"Do you understand Khushi, or not?" he rattled her frame once more, his voice reeking of strange desperation.

Skillfully regrouping, her voice betraying none of her hope, she spoke, "Why?"

He paused and looked at her questioningly.

"Why did you behave cowardly that evening?"

His hold on her slackened.

And when he didn't speak for a while, Khushi asked once more, "Why, Arnav?" 

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